Titty Speeder vs V2 in 905R?

acesneightsacesneights Members Posts: 35
I currently play a 983K with a Titlesit speeder in X flx. I have tested a 905R but only with the speeder in S. I am thinking of going with the V2 but have not had a chance to hit one. Just curious about this shaft. I really like my speeder in the 983, I get a long flight, reasonably straight when I hit it well. I do NOT get any roll with this shaft however. WIll the V2 play stiffer than the titty speeder?

Any thoughts?


  • 3puttForpar3puttForpar Members Posts: 103
    Well this is going to sound strange but when i bought my 905r i got it with the v2 and i loved it, but the other night I was at golf galaxy fooling around with shafts and tried the stock speeder in the x flex. I ended up hitting it on average 3-4 yards farther with a smaller dispersion. I never thought I could beat the combo I had but when I saw this i made the switch and havnt looked back since. Dont be hesitant to try this shaft beacuse its a stock shaft, it plays very similar to the real speeder just with a softer tip to help with the bore-through

  • hogangolf4lifehogangolf4life Members Posts: 228
    i dont know ur swing speed and what not, but i hit the speeder (too stiff for me didnt work for my swing) and then i hit the v2. Straight as a string, DID GO SLIGHTLY LOWER THO, since instead of my usual 9.5 with any other shaft i went with the 10.5. LOVE MY V2
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