TM R5 TP weight configuration

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What is the default configuration from TM?
Just have a few questions regarding the TM R5 TP weight configuration...

What is the default weight setup from TM? I believe it's 10 in the heel and 2 in the toe...but I'm not sure.

Can someone explain where I should be adding/removing weights to change the trajectory of the ball?

I would assume if you have more weight in the heel than in the toe, it would promote a that correct?

Thanks in advance for your responses, and my apologies if this has been covered before...I searched, but couldn't find a definitive answer.


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    I believe the default configuration is 10-2, toe to heel. This was how mine came. I have changed the weights to 6-6, and love the ball flight. I have a natural slight draw, and didn't want to promote more of a draw. I'm sure others more qualified/experienced with this driver can share how to change the ball flight more. I made the initial change and left mine alone.

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    It seems like most people I talked to like 12g total weight. I currently use 6g and6g like msm210. Most use 10 and 2 heel to toe or toe to heel , depending on if they fight a slice or a draw.
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    Default is 44.75" with 10 in the heelside port and 2 in the toeside.


    With the stock Diamana 83 it balances out to around D3.
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