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Taylor Made r7 Tp vs. Titleist 904f

I have some trouble hitting my 3 wood (It is an 904f 15° with Aldila NV 85). I average my driver about 260 yards and my 3 wood was always very trusty off the deck. But this year when I compare it to the 17,5° Taylor Made r7 Tp, the Taylor Made goes farer and straighter. I thought about buying a 13° r7 Tp with the Fuji Vista Pro 80. What are your thoughts about that? Or should I wait for the new Titleist proto. Some in here that has hit the Titleist prototype compared to the r7 Tp? Is a 13° wood hard to hit off the deck? I want to use that wood both tee and fairway? Any thoughts would be great!


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    Hey Bud,

    I went through the same dilemma you are going through. Want a little more pop off the tee, and some better gap fill from the deck. Well, I went to a 13* Steelhead and lost accuracy. When I struck it well, it took off. Never worked off the deck. Too little loft. It's almost a driver!!

    The 17* could work better since it has more loft, it is easier to get airborne, and imparts more back spin for straighter ball flight. For me, the 17* isnt much different than my 15*, but when I need to get the 3 wood out there a few more yards, the 15 does it better than the 17.

    I have the 904F in the YS6+ stiff. It seems to be a better shaft off the fairway for me. I really dont like the NV. Too boardy, too much torque for that boardy of a feeling for me. I have the V2 75 in my driver and love it.

    Good luck!! I have hit the TP and wasnt that impressed. I think the 904 gets it out of the rough better. I would wait for the new 906 to come out and then make your decision. You'll be demoing again if you buy the TP to verify your decision.

    Youcould always reshaft that 904!!!!

    My 2 cents, figure out the 15/17.5 deal. Stay away from the 13. Keep 4 wedges in the bag. I have gone from 4-3-4-3-4 and now am finally set. I also did the 13/17 and 19 rescue to a 13, 16 rescue, 19 rescue. Now I have the 15 904 and a sonartec 19.

    I think it fills things up better.
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    Thanks for the reply. I will try the 13° r7 Tp tomorrow. Then I will decide whether to wait for the 906 and get it in 13° or simply reshaft the 904f. I think I could simply let it reshaft with the Ys-6+. I think the lower weight and higher launch could help off the deck..
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