Black Max vs Utri Tour

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Which is the better buy? Austad's has Black Max for 29.99 a dozen plus internet discount (that the store in MN respects) for additional 15% off, ($25) or is the Precept Utri Tour for 19.99 the better buy? Consumer Reports gave the Black Max a good rating and the Utri Tour wasn't listed (perhaps because discountined).


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    i have a sleeve of the black max, but have only had a chance to use on one hole, so i can't give an accurate review (wasn't my best hole - but i blame me not the ball). i do however use the u-tri tour. i recently stocked up on some (targer $20/dozen). i'm a big fan of this ball. couple of years ago they would considered "the poor mans pro-v1". i personally think its a better perfromer than the pro-v1. distance is great, control is excellent, and spin around green is great. to me this, ball plays pretty close to the 05 nike one platinum, just a little less spin. very durable ball but still has a soft feel.
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    Another vote for the U-Tri Tour. The black max never impressed me. It just doesn't have the green side feel other premium balls have these days.

    The U-Tri is a fantastic ball, i bought 3 boxes of them when I heard they were discoutinued. It feels like it sits right inbetween the B330 and B330S performance wise. However, the cover is 100X more durable than either of it's replacements.
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    never tried the U-tri, but the Blackmax is a very good ball. Good distance and good around the greens as well. Its' a love/hate thing...I have heard guys saying they love it, and guys hating it...but I personally like it a lot
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    Well since I still have over a dozen left of the Uri Tour, I picked up two dozen of the Black Max, I putted with them felt good. Price likely will continue to drop on them, but from $39 to $25 I felt was a good investment. Now if I could find a couple more dollars I'd pick up another dozen of the Utri tour. (at target) Thanks for the opinions.
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    Both are solid and can be had for $20. There's a certain site that I purchased about 6 doz Black Max's for $20 a dozen. I know I've seen it mentioned on here before, just do a search. (Don't want to go against the wrx advertisers)

    I've played both.

    U-Tri: Overall lower spin than the Black Max. Flatter ball flight on the Driver and Irons

    Black Max: Get's the ball up a little more on the driver and the irons. Spin difference isn't noticeable on the driver but there is definitely more spin on the irons.

    Can't go wrong with either. The U-Tri is probably a "beta" version of the B330...
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