FrankenTyne - It's Alive!

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Sometime last year, when I was looking for a putter change, I rolled everything Golf Galaxy had to offer and walked out with a PING Sigma Tyne H. I really enjoyed it, but did find it a bit heavy, and aesthetically wished the fangs were just a bit shorter. I did a crappy MS Paint rendering of what it would look like with shorter fangs, and actually inspired at least one person on here to take a band saw to theirs.

A friend in my club is a professional machinist, and said he could shorten the fangs for me if I was interested. After much waffling, I decided to give it a go. He did superb work, and trimmed them down just enough to get the headweight bang-on at 350g. I believe he said it ended up being right at about .5" trimmed.

Next it went off to a certified cerakote applicator, to be finished in the socom blue color.

I just got it back yesterday, and it turned out fantastic. I can't wait to have it all re-assembled and give it a roll!






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    Like to reply ratio is strong.

    Cerakote is completely maintenance free, that putter should hold up for a long time.
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    My beef with the Tyne is the heavy weight. This looks like a win-win all around: the shorter fangs look great and it's lighter. Well done!
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    Lots of guys doing this. Maybe Ping will take notice. Looks much better when it's a bit more compact. Looks good!
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    Looks a lot like the Cleveland putter with the short wings

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    Very well done!
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    I feel like "FrankenTyne" is a very underrated title here...well done, lol.
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    Very nice. Does the cerakote affect the feel of the insert at all?

    Here is mine. I had my step dad cut 5/8” off of each fang in a mill, bringing it to 351grams just like yours. I then attempted to touch up the ends but couldn’t find a paint that matched to my liking, so I decided to go a different route and went with white. I was a little sloppy on my masking so it isn’t perfect but I still really like it.
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    The cerakote doesn't have any noticable impact on the feel.
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