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Have a chance to purchase a set of ping I5 irons for just over a hundred dollars Canadian look in decent shape. Always wanted a set of Pings . Old technology but do you think it would be a worth wile endeavor or are they just to old. Currently play Taylor Made mcs with c taper shafts which of course I will keep Thanks for your replies (if any) LOL


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    The i5 irons are a very modern design, see the i200/i210. From a design perspective, virtually the same club. Besides the visual differences, the biggest change is the old grooves vs new grooves as the i5 has the pre 2010 grooves.
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    Great irons. A couple considerations...1) shafts: determine shaft type and do research. Ping cs-lite (common in these clubs) is a polarizing shaft. Many like others don’t. Others really like this head w zz65 shaft. YMMV depend on preferences. 2) non-confirming: if you want to use for tourneys, do search work to get details.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with the i5's and for C$100 its a no brainer. As of late 2018 Ping was still doing lie adjustments for the i5 - they weren't doing i3's any more. I like the i5's more than some of the newer i-series offerings, just like I prefer my G25's over the newer G/G400/G410. i5 is classic Ping - tumbled finish with no ferrule.
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    D.A. Points still uses them (though heavily modified with conforming grooves and no offset) and actually won a tour event with them a few years ago.
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    I'd argue the i5s are one the absolute best sets PING ever made.

    The CS-Lite shafts weren't their best effort though. I had a set of i5s with the ZZ65 shaft that were my backups for years. The G25s were just a bit better and finally put them into retirement. But I absolutely loved those clubs.
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    cult like following for these bad boys. If I didn't have this new project I would say if your not going to buy them I would but its going to be hard to hide 3 sets from the wife
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    i20s would be better. Put the $100 towards a new fitted set of i210s. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    Get them. Now.

    The i5's were a compromise between the i3 o-size and i3 blades. A very forgiving player's club. No ferrule, tumbled finished. Non-conforming grooves as others have said are the only problem. The CS-lite shaft will kick the flight up pretty high. Really nice irons for a backup bag.
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    CS Lites are fine assuming they fit your swing. I have had a set since they came out. These days, they are a few yards shorter than their more modern counterparts. Still a great set of irons that delivers a good blend forgiveness and shotmaking.
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    mantan wrote:
    I'd argue the i5s are one the absolute best sets PING ever made.

    The CS-Lite shafts weren't their best effort though. I had a set of i5s with the ZZ65 shaft that were my backups for years. The G25s were just a bit better and finally put them into retirement. But I absolutely loved those clubs.

    I've said on more than one occasion. The best golf ive ever played was when I had the I5's in the bag for the whole season.
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    I am quite surprised at the many comment on this thread . Thank you all for your opinions. golf64 there was a set of I20s beside the I5s but they were another two hundred dollars more I can hide a hundred bucks from she who know all but three hundred would be real tricky so I get a set of Pings real cheap and will be able to play come good weather and will not be hospitalized image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' /> image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' /> image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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    The grooves are actually conforming until 2024 unless you are playing in high level amateur or professional tournaments.
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    Yes, grooves are fine for all tournaments other than those requiring CC grooves (high level).

    The finish is not tumbled, it's a shot peen finish that Ping denoted "guyson". Very durable as others have mentioned.

    The i5 is an evolution of the i3 Blade. Very similar clubs. The size and amount of offset is consistent with all the "i" series clubs that have come after too.

    CS-Lite shafts are spinny. Personally, they work fine for me but some high ball hitters complain.
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