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Need some solid advice on irons. My iron play has been the weakest part of my game for a while. I drive it well, hit woods/hybrids well and have a decent short game, but really struggle to hit greens and give myself birdie opportunities or easy pars.

I have played the G series for the last 5 years or so and currently play the Ping G irons with XP-95 shafts. I like the irons, but I have issues consistently squaring up the face. I hit them solid, but shots are usually off line. I keep tinkering with the idea of playing more of a players iron to possibly get some more consistent iron play. Maybe a smaller head would be easier to square up? I’m not a big gear head, so I don’t really know. I definitely like the look of a players club for sure.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I know I should just go get fit and try a bunch of clubs, but I am a budget golfer who will probably spend around $200-$300 on some used irons that a few years old.

I’m just tired of hitting 10-12 fairways a round and really struggling to hit greens with a short-mind in my hand. I know it’s probably the Indian and not the arrow, but just thinking that maybe some new tools may help some. Thanks.



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    I have a back up set in the Ping G irons. Your not going to find anything more forgiving as I refer to mine as my point and shoot irons. That being said spend a few bucks and go to a fitter with a launch monitor. Not as expensive as you think, even PGASS can do it and bend them as you work through the set. You want to make sure the lies are correct for your swing because those irons are long heal to toe and if the lie is off its very difficult to square the faces up at impact. You'll also want to check gaping between irons. Sometimes you'll find your 5 and 6 irons are only a few yards apart. Gte those tweaked as well. Nothing like knowing your irons are spot on from a basic fitting even in an older set. Once that is done you'll know for sure it's the indian and not the arrow. Once equipment is dialed in you either need lessons or more practice. image/golfer.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':golfer:' />
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    I definitely have problems squaring up bigger iron heads.
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    If you’re having to think about “squaring up” the clubhead that’s probably the problem and not any club. The club should essentially be square throughout the swing. There should be no manipulation to square the face at impact on a good swing.
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    If you can hit fairways with a driver, then you should be able square up the club face with any iron. Your problem is with your confidence, not with the size of the club head.

    Try aiming for the center if the green next round so you can build confidence.
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    I find it difficult to align up the G series too. Get some white paint and paint the bottom groove if yours are not already and use that bottom score line to line yourself up. I prefer to use the top line but that is impossible with G series. This where g410 would but much improved.

    If you like PING check out Ie1. Much easier to get aligned from set up and still plenty forgiving. They will be in your budget and should be in good shape.

    If not, try the paint trick.
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