Cobra King Black wedges

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I’m in the market for some new wedges and have a buddy who can get me a deal on the Cobra black wedges. Just curious if anybody has them or has hit them.


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    Just got mine, great so far, not as much spin as my rtx 2.0s, the only drawback for me is coming from my Cleveland ones the head is Tiny so not as forgiving
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    Thanks for the input
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    I have the Tour Trusty which I am assume is the same type of finish. Have hit plenty of balls with them, so far so good.
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    Playing the 52 and 58 in the King Blacks. Loving them so far. The 52 is a very traditional looking wedge head. The 58 is a smidge larger with the toe seeming to be enlarged a bit. Not a “high toe” style like Cally and TM has, but it’s noticeable. I have KBS 610 S+ in them and the spin is perfect for me. I’m a digger with high spin, and they’ve been drop and stop so far for me. Great feel, great looks, they’re winners for me.
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    Anyone know if these are more like the PUR or more like the previous model King wedges in terms of base material construction (raw stainless vs chromed carbon)?

    EDIT: Looks like they're DBM over Carbon, so probably more similar to the previous King than the PUR.
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    Although the grooves look small I seem to spin these just fine around the green so far, seem to be great so far, the head is just really small to me. the grinds are great from any lie but I seem to dig a little with mine I am use to more bounce and these seem to have low bounce and cut right under the ball easily. I need more time but so far I like them.
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    Any one compare these to Callaway md4 or forged? Thinking about switching
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    Can any compare the wide low and versatile grinds?
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    I just added the Cobra Kings Blacks 54*/10* & 60*/8* in versatile bounce yesterday. So far I really like them. I wore out my Mizuno T7s last year and started looking for replacements that had the same feel & shape but were a bit heavier in swing weight. The T7s are had to find now and I don't like the ne S8s.

    Anyway, after several hours of testing yesterday I'm sold on the King Blacks - These wedges are great and don't get their due from the golf magazines & web sites.

    If you are looking for a alternative to the typical Titlist,TM & Cally wedges, Have confidence in the Cobra's!

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    Just got the 54 and 58 degree cobra king black wedges to match cobra forged tec black irons I just ordered. Was playing Cleveland RT3 wedges. I like Cleveland but don't hit them very far. I like to hit full sand wedge and usually hit it 90-95 yards but only hit Cleveland sand wedge about 80 so there was a large gap between approach wedge and sand wedge. I only demoed the 54 degree cobra wedge but was very impressed. Very easy to hit , high loft and good spin and longer than my Cleveland wedge. I hit them better than the Callaway mack daddy 4 and Titleist Vockey wedges. I really liked the soft feel the cobras have. That was my experience but you need to try them out to see which is best for you. For me the cobras were best but it is all subjective
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    I have these wedges and they are great. Versatile grind works great on all conditions I play on
    What's in my bag:
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    what is the difference between the Versitle grind and the classic grind?
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    I have the 54 and 58 in versatile grind. The thing that stands out for me is how well they perform out of the bunkers. For me, they spin the same as my Vokeys and distance is about the same but for some reason they just glide through the sand. And thats out of different bunkers with different textured sand.

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