The one club you'd never sell for sentimental reasons

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Of all the clubs I've gone through since I started back golfing in 1989 there is one club I promised myself I'd never sell because it was my first real store bought putter. An original Ping Anser that I had countless years of success with. Everything else is fare game for sale or trade...


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    3 now.

    My grandpa’s putter, my Dad’s putter, & my Lajosi. Have a Mannkrafted hopefully coming down the pipe in the near future I’ll be holding on to as well.
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    My '03/04 TM RAC TP Combos. Made my first hole in one with the 6 iron. Moved on to more forgiving sets, but still held onto these, and a few years ago during the winter got the chrome stripped and removed all bag chatter/dings and had them refinished in Black Nitride. Still my backup set today, will never get rid of those.

    My Titleist 907 D1 Driver that I made my second hole in one with, this time on a 286 par 4. It will most likely never see the light of day again and live out it's days in a cherished spot in my basement man cave, but it will never be gotten rid of as a H-I-O on a par 4 is one of the rarest feats in golf. Still has the same GP TV grip (which is slick as **** now, but surprisingly not brittle), and that OG Speeder 757 shaft. If anything ever happened to that club, I'd do my best to save that shaft.

    Other than that, I have a Ray Cook 8802 style putter that I pulled out of my Dad's bag right after he died and I was in town for the funeral. I've never "gamed" it, but it won't be going anywhere, ever, since its one of the few possessions of his that I still have. Some people get a watch, or some other trinket that has some value. That $26 putter has more value to me than a Rolex.
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    Mizuno GT-180 3wd w/ Tensei CK White 75
    TM UDI 1, 3 w/ KBS C-Taper Lite S
    TM P770 4-PW w/ TT Tour Concept Satin
    TM Milled Grind 52* LB and 58* SB
    Odyssey O-Works 7S Tank
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    Ping Eye 2 BeCu 2 iron

    Ping Scottsdale Anser

    TaylorMade “Original One” stainless steel driver

    my 1st Scotty, a Select Newport 2 (milled, no insert)
    Minimalist:  917D2 / 816H1 / 716AP2 5, 7, 9 / SM7 48, 54 / Futura 5.5M
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    My Dad’s Cleveland Quad Pro irons. My son has hir Tight Lies fairway woods.
    Driver - Cobra F7
    3w- Adams Tight Lies 2 16
    Hybrid - Cobra F8 19
    Irons- Sub 70 739 5-PW
    Wedges- Tour Edge CB Pro 50, 54 , 58
    Putter- Tour Edge HP Series 01
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    RazrX MB 2 iron...

    Man has that been clutch and pissed off so many playing partners.

    I only have 2 faces on my Mt. Rushmore, 56 f grind SM4 and that two iron.

    I literally had an awkward moment when someone took it out of my bag and threatened to snap it.... 3 hole lead on 13, bet your a$$ I'm ripping that thing.
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    Two putters my Mom bought be for birthdays ( McGregor Muirfield Blade and Slighter Custom)

    Driver: For now. Tour Issue Epic Flash TD 10.5 w/ Evo4 661 X
    3wd: Titleist TS2 15 w/ Atmos Black 8s Tour Spec Tour Stiff
    Hybrid: Titleist 915 w/ Diamana 90 Stiff
    4Iron: Titleist 716 T-MB w/ PX 6.0
    5-W: Miura CB 1007 w/ Satin PX 6.0
    Wedges: Miura Tour 51, 55, 59 w/ Nippon 125
    Putter: PXG Bat Attack Gen1

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    I saved up and bought this putter new and kept it mostly stock for many years. When we had our second son I sent it off to have their names stamped. Can't sell it now!

    Titleist TS3 10.5 - Ventus 6x Tester
    Titleist TS3 3 wood - PX Smoke 6.5
    Mizuno MP20 HBM 3 iron 
    Mizuno MP20 MMC 4-P 
    Vokey SM6 - 50.12, 54.14, 60.10 - s400
    Bettinardi SS3 - SC Newport 2 SS
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    Hammer driver......only club I can yell POOOWWWWW when I hit it
    Callaway Epic SZ 9* Alidila Rogue Silver 60 X
    Titleist 915 Fd 15* Aldila Rogue Black 80 S
    Titleist 909h 19* Aldila Voodoo S
    Mizuno MP 18 4-6 SC 7-P MB KBS Tour 120 S
    Callaway MD Forged 52* & 56*
    Titleist Vokey SM 6 60*
    Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5
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    I was gonna say the Scotty putter my wife bought me 20 years ago when we were just dating, but, to be honest, everything has a price. If someone offered me a grand for it I’d sell it.
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    The first pro-line golf club I ever owned...Ray Cook, Nugget 18 putter. My mother bought it for me for a birthday gift. Putted with it for years. It's heavy as **** and very easy to make a long smooth stroke with. Great lag putter. It still gets a minimum 2-3 week tour in the bag each year whenever I lose my touch and need to get the feel back of putting a good roll on the ball.
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    • Fairway - Taylormade M4 16HL* Fujikura Atmos Red
    • Hybrid - Cobra Baffler 5 wood Dynamic Gold R300
    • 4-PW- Callaway Epic 4-P + AW Project X LV 5.5 Shafts
    • Wedges - 56 bent to 55, 60 Cleveland 588 RTX 588 Apollo MatchFlex +1"
    • Putter - Cleveland Classic Huntington Beach #10 - 35"
    • Grips - Lamkin Sonar Midsize
  • EaglesGolf99EaglesGolf99 Foxboro, MA 2588WRX Points: 181Handicap: +0.4Members Posts: 2,588 Titanium Tees
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    Baby Blades.

    Needed traveling funds when my Uncle was ill with esophageal cancer. Was frequently commuting to and from NC to NJ/PA. I pawned my clubs to help make the trips. He eventually passed. RIP III. My clubs sold before I could get them back. I went some time without clubs, 8-10 months, maybe. The Baby Blades were the set I eventually purchased. I don't think I could ever part with them.

    W. I. T. B.

    Callaway Epic Flash 9° Smoke Black 70 X
    Callaway TC Super Hybrid 17° Tourspec Speeder 904 X
    Callaway TC Apex Hybrid 18° Tourspec Speeder 904 X
    Callaway TC Apex Hybrid 23° Tourspec Speeder 904 X
    Miura Golf CB•301 5-6 Prototype iCWT 105 X
    Miura Golf CB•57 7-9
     Prototype iCWT 105 X
     Miura Raw Handgrind 46° | 06° Prototype iCWT 105 X
    Miura Raw Handgrind 52° | 10° Prototype iCWT 105 X
    Miura Raw Handgrind 58° | 10° Prototype iCWT 105 X
    Miura Golf KM•007 Stability EI GJ 1.0
    Callaway Chrome Soft X
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  • rpm300rpm300  197WRX Points: 55Handicap: 4.8Members Posts: 197 Fairways
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    My grandmother bought me my first set of brand new golf clubs back in 1982. I will never sell them or get rid of them.Toney Penna Originals. I still have the matching woods too.

    Callaway GBB Epic SZ 10.5 Rogue Max 75 X
    Callaway Epic Sub Zero 15° 3 wood Rogue Max 85 X
    Callaway Razr X Tour 3 Hybrid
    Srixon Z 745 PX 6.0 4-P
    Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 50° 54° 58° PX 6.0
    Scotty Cameron GoLo 3 33" (2014)
    Srixon Z Star XV
  • PALS-SSAPALS-SSA  284WRX Points: 75Members Posts: 284 Greens
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    I have a putter signed by Arnold Palmer. It's not going anywhere.
  • DoyouevenbladeDoyouevenblade  227WRX Points: 103Handicap: 7Members Posts: 227 Fairways
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    My first expensive putter. Circa 2000 Newport 2 pro Platinum. I have a friend that offers me very decent money every other week for it
  • kmay__kmay__ niagara, ontario, canada.  439WRX Points: 269Members Posts: 439 Greens
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    My old bullseye handed down from dad, as well as his 84' hogan apex blades which he recently took out of play. Theyll be in my collection forever. I also cant see myself ever selling my scotty.... long as it behaves lol
    TM 17' M2 9.5*
    Cobra Baffler 3w 16*
    PING G30 4h 22*
    TM R11 5-PW (Mizuno MP-4 for fun)
    Mizuno MP-T5 50*, 54*
    PM Grind 60*
    Studio Select NP2 mid slant 
  • Radeon962Radeon962  2093WRX Points: 208ClubWRX Posts: 2,093 ClubWRX
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    Original Callaway Steelhead 4+ With DGX100 Lite steel shaft.

    Loved it while I played it for many years and still have it in the basement to take out to let whatever my current 3/4 wood may be know that it can be replaced.

    It is not as long as current 3/4 woods but I hit it a consistent distance and it was straight. The X100 is a little stiff for me now so I am still searching for the same magic in a 3/4/5 wood.
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  • jcvandammejcvandamme  214WRX Points: 78Members Posts: 214 Fairways
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    Not one club but my first set of "real" golf clubs that I bought after moving on from a starter box set.

    TM r7 quad TP with Speeder 757

    TM Rac LT irons

    Wilson 8802 (the reissue from the 90s)
  • gbartkogbartko Whooooo!  668WRX Points: 224Members Posts: 668 Golden Tee
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    my hogan apex black cameo irons - they remind me of when golf was played by real men and not a bunch of nancy boys with their sissy hybrids, 42* pitching wedges wearing flat brimmed hats and drinking craft beer
  • WarrickWarrick  11167WRX Points: 1,085ClubWRX Posts: 11,167 ClubWRX
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    My custom v-line fang with modified slant from Austie.
    GBB 9* Ventus Black 
    F9 Tour 3w\13.5 - Smoke 70
    F9 Tour 5w\17.5- Smoke 70
    Epic hybrid - 22* Pro White 90
    Mizuno 919 combo 5-9 LZ Blackout 
    Mizuno T7 - 45-49-53-58 LZ Blackout 
    Toulon Portland 
    TM TP5X
  • driveandputtmachinedriveandputtmachine 4 wedges or 2 iron? That is the question!  1296WRX Points: 173Handicap: 0.0Members Posts: 1,296 Platinum Tees
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    Clubs of mine.....

    I have the 3 wood (Callaway S2H2) and irons (Maxfli VHL) that I played my senior year of High School golf with. Set a conference scoring record, finished top 5 in High School tournament and NC Amateur. 3 wood I would never sell as it was in the bag for two course records as well.

    The irons were never worth anything to sell so the hung on strictly because they weren't worth selling. Of course now, I am kinda glad I kept them.


    I have my grandfathers entire set from when he passed away. I have all of the clubs, bag, and balls. I am building a display/storage thing for them.
    Driver - Ping 400 MAX on Tour 65 
    Fairway - TM M5 3 wood and M3 5 wood
    Others - TM UDI 2 iron on Catalyst 100 6.5 or Ping G400 17* 
    Irons - (4-P) Taylormade M3's on Project X Catalyst 6.5
    Wedges - Cleveland Rotex 3.0 50* & 55*, Rotex 4.0 60* on Recoil 110 F5
    Putter - Mannkrafted MA/66 or Taylormade Spider
    Ball - TM TP5x or Srixon Z Star XV
  • jcorna01jcorna01  679WRX Points: 102Members Posts: 679 Golden Tee
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    My classic Scotty Cameron Santa Fe from 1997. Still has the original grip, too.
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  • VoltronVoltron  178WRX Points: 72Members Posts: 178 Fairways
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    Alien Golf 21* 7 wood... first real club (while I had a junior set) my dad got for me
  • MBA-JMBA-J Mr. November  1131WRX Points: 1Members Posts: 1,131 Bunkers
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    • Ping Anser 2: First club that my mother purchased for me
    • Titleist 690.MBs: Ex-girlfriend purchased them for me
    • Nike Staff Bag: Another ex-girlfriend purchased it for me
    TaylorMade 2017 M1 440 8.5° Driver == Project X HZRDUS Black 65 6.5
    TaylorMade 2017 M2 Tour 15° FW == Project X HZRDUS Black 75 6.5
    Titleist 816H2 19° Hybrid == Veylix Rome 988 S+
    Miura 1957 Small Blade 4-PW Irons == TT Project X LZ 6.5
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50°, 54°, 58° Custom Wedges == TT Project X LZ 6.5
    Titleist Scotty Cameron "Cameron & Crown" M2 Putter
    Nike RZN Tour Black Golf Balls
  • kwcsportskwcsports Nova Scotia, Canada 787WRX Points: 133Handicap: 11Members Posts: 787 Golden Tee
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    I've got 3

    1. Old Taylormade 5 wood I used for Hole in One

    2. Old SW I used for a Hole in One

    3. An old putter I've had for 40 years.
    TM M2 Driver- Matrix White Tie
    TM M2 3 Wood- Matrix White Tie
    TM M2 4 hybrid- Matrix White Tie
    Ping G30 - 5-SW- TFC 419
    Ping Eye 2 SW- DG S300
    Nike VR Forged 60/10- DG S300
    Ray Cook Blue Goose
    TM TP5X ball
  • Hougz79Hougz79  385WRX Points: 98Members Posts: 385 Greens
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    I tend to game my Scotty's for 8+ years, so I keep all of them. My Pro Platinum Newport 2 was in the bag from 2000-2008. Replaced by a Studio Select Newport 2 from 2008-20018. I'll never part with either of them.

    Clubs I kick myself for getting rid of: Adams Idea Pro hybrids. Gamed them for 8 years. Should have kept them forever.
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9*, GD AD-TP 7X
    Callaway Epic Flash 3w, GD AD-TP 8X 
    Callaway Apex 19 20*, GD AD-IZ 95S
    Ping i210 4-GW DG 120 S300
    Ping Glide 3.0 54SS, 58SS DG TI S400
    Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Special Select
  • manxytagmanxytag  565WRX Points: 93Handicap: 5.1Members Posts: 565 Golden Tee
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    FT3 Tour 8.5 with x stiff Aldila green.

    use to bang that thing a mile with a little draw.

    can't hit it for toffee now and would probably only get 20 quid for it.
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  • HighlandLairdHighlandLaird  163WRX Points: 64Members Posts: 163 Fairways
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    Tom Morris (St. Andrews) stiff shafted one iron they made for me in 1962, when they still manufactured clubs. It was a wonderful stick I could hit from almost any lie, or from a tee and with which I was fortunate enough to win county and national championships. It is rather beyond me nowadays as my swing speed is greatly diminished, but once upon a time it was a "magic" club.
  • Jack PearsallJack Pearsall  3479WRX Points: 264Members Posts: 3,479 Titanium Tees
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    Probably his Hogan Forged wedges, with odd number lofts. He has always had a thing for them.

    Mostly stuff remains in his garage because it has no real resale value....
    Taylormade SLDR TP 430 10*
    Taylormade Aeroburner 15*
    Taylormade SLDR 19*
    Titleist 909H 21*
    Mizuno MP FliHi 24*
    Mizuno Yoro MP-15 5-PW
    Mizuno MP T7 52* 58*
    Odyssey White Hot #6
  • jasona93jasona93  75WRX Points: 28Handicap: 7.4Members Posts: 75 Fairways
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    Hogan Special SI BECU bent to 49. Was a hole in one club, also my everything short game club for at least 10 years.

    My grandfathers set of Tommy Armours from the 40s with the olive green shafts. Like someone above, I'm going to build a display case and put them up on the wall.

    I also for some reason keep my 3 woods, each of which lasts about 10 years.
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  • wildcatdenwildcatden China Cat Sunflower  1140WRX Points: 529Members Posts: 1,140 Platinum Tees
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    My GX-7 Driver. I must have gained 50 yards and that thing is long and straight!! Throw your old driver in the trash!! image/tease.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tease:' />

    -- Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy tap tap taparoo. --


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