Gapr Lo 4 iron replacement

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Hi guys I am going to replace my hybrid (which was 19 degrees) with a Gapr Mid 18 degree and replace my P790 4 iron (21 degree) with the Gapr Lo 22 degree. Has anyone had experience replacing there 4 iron with the Gapr Lo 22 degree? Have you had trouble getting it to launch? The reviews online guys seem to struggle to launch the Gapr Lo but all the reviews are of the 17 degree Gapr Lo. Anyone’s experience with Gapr Lo 22 degree would be appreciated! Thanks


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    Get the GAPR Hi to replace your hybrid. The small hybridish head is hot and will cut through the rough better then most hybrids. If the P790 4 is giving you trouble, the Mid is a better choice then the Lo. It's going to be longer then your 4 and easier to hit then either your 4i or a Lo.
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    I would agree with the above. Minus the shaft, I bet there is a pretty marginal difference between the gapr low and a P790 4i. Go to the mid or put a higher launching shaft in the P790 if you are having trouble elevating a 4i
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    also agree, I think the mid is a perfect goldilocks between low and high GAPR
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    Thanks guys I’m actually a pretty high ball hitter I’ve just seen so many reviews that say they can’t elevate the Lo. I don’t have trouble launching my p790 4 iron just replacing it with the Gapr Lo 4 bc I just ordered the P790 Black in 5-pw! And I need all my clubs to be black now of course
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    In that case it should be fine. Expensive 4i though!
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