Light rust on a Scotty Cameron

OlivierWOlivierW Members Posts: 4

This is my first post on GolfWRX.
I just purchased a great Newport 2. It has very slight rust on it. Not sure what to use/do
Would appreciate some recommendation.

Thanks and all a great weekend!


  • PreppySlapCutPreppySlapCut This is just babytown frolics... Members Posts: 6,367 ✭✭

    Thats just surface rust. The putter is stainless, so no worries there. White vinegar and a toothbrush will do the trick.

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    Always find it interesting when some of the stainless putters rust, and others are never affected no matter how they're stored.

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  • shankeyshankey Members Posts: 30 ✭✭

    You could always let it soak
    In coke for the night. The rust will be gone in the morning

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  • OlivierWOlivierW Members Posts: 4

    Thanks for the help. I’ll try first with vinegar. Coke for the night sounds agressive.

  • Rob McHughRob McHugh Rob ClubWRX Posts: 963 ClubWRX

    Get one of your wife’s qtips, wrap some 0000 grade steel wool around the top and apply a little Eezox with it - hey presto! :-)


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