Interlock vs Vardon

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I know the Vardon used to be the predominate grip on tour, has the interlock bc of the Jack, Tiger, etc become the favorite now?
Just curious

DJ, Rahm, Rose, use the Vardon
Rory, Bryson, Tiger, Woodland - Interlock

With Bryson being so analytical , what his thoughts on the difference between the two are?

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    I do interlock

    I like Vardon too (particularly with irons) but I end up bruising my knuckle every time I have switched to it.

    But if your looking for a placebo to fix something in your game this is a great change up.

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    I interlock, always have. I tried overlap at one point but it just felt all loose.

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    I've always interlocked because of my hand size. I keep thinking that the club is going to fly out of my hands if I switch.

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    Unfortunately I’ve been switching between both

    Really like the interlock for irons

    Overlap or Vardon for wedges and driving ,

    Learned with Interlock , but leaning toward overlap , takes left out of the equation more for me

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    Learned Vardon as a child.
    About 10 years ago I was hitting a lot of balls in cold, damp western Washington and developed some painful bumps on my finger joints, so switched to interlock.
    Recently notice I was having some tension in my grip that I didn't like, so started going with the Vardon again.......
    We'll see how it works out, but so far its helping me a bit with that problem.

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    Interlock sure seems to be more popular nowadays. Let's take a look at the top 25 on tour:
    Inter: 14
    Rory, Brooks, JT, Rickie, Xander, Tiger, Tony, Paul, Cantlay, Bubba, Webb, Woodland, Hideki, Smith
    Over: 11
    Dustin, Rose, Bryson, Moli, Rahm, Tommy, Jason, Patrick, Leishman, Phil, Kuchar

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    Started interlock at 10 years old and didn't switch to overlap until college when I was going through a phase of horrible ball striking. Stayed with it until a few years ago until I picked up a club and interlocked. Felt so good that I stayed with it.

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    My glove size is a Cadet Small, and have used the interlock for the first 15 years of playing golf, developed some real painful calcium deposits in the overlap area , changed to Vardon grip which felt so foreign to me. I quickly adapted and have actually more control with a lighter grip with the overlap vs interlock. Cant think of ever going back.

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    Did someone say Vardon?
    I started with interlock and then my fingers started to hurt, went overlap and never changed again. No real difference in scoring, (not that it was ever that great to begin with).
    I've seen people with 10 finger grip play well. I think its super personal, there's probably more important parts of the game that are worth more attention. Grip matters, but I think you can get strong, weak, neutral with just about anyway one holds the handle.

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    The interlock is a scourge on the game!

    I’m off to yell at clouds now.......

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    Interesting to see how many players are using the interlocking grip. And yes I definitely think it's the influence of Jack and especially Tiger. I can just imagine youngsters who learned the game in the last 20 or 25 years staring with the interlocking grip because that's the way Tiger gripped the club.

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    I have big hands and cannot like overlap. Interlock is what I went with after swapping from 10 finger. I don’t know how people do it with the right hand so disconnected from the club. My right hand comes off anyway. If I didn’t have it interlocked I’d swing one handed A lot.

    Best players in the history of the game interlocked so why not me ?

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    On -, @drbonesvt said:

    Unfortunately I’ve been switching between both

    Really like the interlock for irons

    Overlap or Vardon for wedges and driving ,

    Learned with Interlock , but leaning toward overlap , takes left out of the equation more for me

    Similar here. Learned with interlock because of Jack. Switched to Vardon in high school. In college, broke my left hand trigger finger knuckle, which when it healed, made it hard to bend it,and interlock at the time would have hurt anyway, so played Vardon from then on (next 30 years), but it was at first a slight variation, I almost didn't' have my left trigger finger on the club , as I couldn't bend it much for many years. Then about 10 years ago, started having really bad pains in my left wrist from metacarpal bossing, it would hurt right at/after impact. Tried adjusting grips, shafts, nothing seemed to help, then one day tried interlocking again on a whim, and for some reason, when I hit the ball, it stopped hurting. However, for touch shots and up to full wedges, I still go back to the Vardon grip.

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    Whatever gives your the most consistency so be it

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    used vardon from 12 to about 32 yo ... have switched back and forth for about 15 years now ... prefer interlock, but feel that when i'm not swinging "fast", the vardon gives me more wrist flexibility at impact ... none of the changes have helped my putting, however ...

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    The interlock has definitely shot up in popularity since the coming of Tiger. I can speak to it myself being a kid and him coming out using an interlocking grip. It meant that I did exactly the same. I don't anymore though, I had to change a couple of years ago. For whatever reason, interlocking was causing pain in my right hand but since changing over, I have managed to completely avoid it.

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    I played vardon for 20 years. After trying interlock on the range, I've played with it every since (around 5 yrs). Vardon feels less controllable now.

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    I think grip is a preference and there are too many players that have success with different grips to really get a consensus. I personally cant really interlock because my fingers resemble sweet italian sausages, and it just feels bad. I don't overlap either because I find that I don't turn the club over as well.

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    I use the Vardon for most shots, but I use interlock for sand shots to bet a bit more wrist action into the shot.

    with a lot of recreational players using interlock, I see them gripping the club too much in the palm, and a tendency to see weak left hand grips. I tried to play interlock for awhile, and I might have been a bit longer with the driver, but struggled with a fade. My results, my viewpoint.

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    Whichever one doesn't hurt my fingers! I was doing ten finger for a while since overlap was doing something weird (ok it was me) with a nail digging into a finger. Now I've changed some things in my swing I went to interlock as I feel like it's secure, let's my wrists move freely, and so far no self mutilation.

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    I learned the game with the Vardon and never changed. I have toyed around with the interlock on the range but it never really feels as good, to me. I play with a fair amount of high level players and they all have their own version of whatever they choose. I have seen some really good players with the 10 finger grip because they moved from baseball to golf at some point in their life and that's just what felt the most comfortable. Had a friend growing up who I still play with from time to time who plays cack-handed and he plays to somewhere between a 1 and 3. In the end, you use what is the most comfortable, learn how to hit the shots you want with it, and don't change unless you have to.

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    I was taught interlock as a kid and that's all I ever knew until a few years ago. From time to time (including currently), I start to get some pain in my right pinky finger and my left index finger. If I had to guess I'd say too much grip pressure at times is at least partly responsible for that. A few years ago, I gave the overlap a try for the first time, and it just felt so weird to me that I wasn't able to stick with it. In recent years I've tried a couple of more times but always end up going back to interlock because in my mind I just feel like I've got more control of the club. The present case of finger pain is amongst the worst I've had, though, so I'm back to giving overlap one more shot. Yesterday out on the course I was switching between the two almost at random,which I'm thinking is probably not the way you want to go long term. Maybe if I just force myself to do the overlap for a while it will start to feel more comfortable.

  • lowheellowheel LOWHEEL Members  6784WRX Points: 1,885Posts: 6,784 Titanium Tees
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    Easier to fade the ball with vardon easier to draw with interlock

  • 3jacker3jacker Members  1185WRX Points: 840Posts: 1,185 Platinum Tees
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    Learned Vardon, like Vardon, don't think it really matters.
    I think the prevalence of interlock today was influenced by it being the grip used by 1st, Jack, then 2nd, Tiger. Who wouldn't want to copy the best?

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    I start Vardon and just after impact (being a RH player) my left hand is all 5 and my bottom hand ends up with the pinky, ring and middle finger only hanging on. I had no idea until I set up a camera. Thumb and index are just along for the ride.

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  • BlackM00NlightBlackM00Nlight IowaMembers  3682WRX Points: 616Handicap: 6Posts: 3,682 Titanium Tees
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    Always been an interlock guy. I’ve tried overlap but I feel less secure and less consistent in my grip with it.

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  • haroleaseharolease Members  620WRX Points: 74Posts: 620 Golden Tee
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    There are lots of good players with Vardon grip. I’m not one on them. The closest success I used that resemblance to overlap is the intermesh grip ( see grip Greg Norman book) or the double overlap
    Otherwise I play golf mostly of time with interlock or sometimes full fingered

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    On -, @Ashley Schaeffer said:

    I freaking love this place sometimes!
    OP: "What's the predominant grip on Tour now?"
    GOLFWRX: "Well, I . . ."

    Post of the night.

    FORE RIGHT!!!!
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  • MurvMurv Members  66WRX Points: 55Posts: 66 Bunkers
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    I started playing at about 12 years old. Totally self taught. Bought Hogans "5 Fundamentals" and copied the grip and every thing else I could. I am now 75 years old and my grip is the same today as then.
    Palmer's grip also affected me.
    I look at grips of my playing companions and can't imagine how they ever hit a decent shot.


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