M3 & M4 after 1 year. Conclusions



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    M3 moveable weights. Two head sizes. Less forgiving.

    M4 more forgiving, no changeable weights, available in a draw version as well as standard version.
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    Still in the bag (M4 with Billy Bobs 10gram rear weight) and nothing has been able to knock it out. All thought I am pretty sure its almost gone with the new Mizuno ST190 on deck for a fitting.

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    Love my M3 440. I may go for a Club Champion fitting to see if there is a better combo.
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    A little off-topic, but got an M4 3 FW, stock Atmos shaft last Fall, and man that thing is down the middle and L O N G. I seem to hit it center-face most times, and the confidence it gave me lets me give it a rip. Used it for my driving club all Fall.
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    Cwing wrote:

    M3 moveable weights. Two head sizes. Less forgiving.

    M4 more forgiving, no changeable weights, available in a draw version as well as standard version.

    Ok, thank you
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    I played the M3 all of last season, really didn’t like it at first because I really couldn’t remember the settings from my fitting session. The first few rounds on the course were terrible, hitting way too high, missing both ways, spent another afternoon on the range and I took the 9.5 head down to 7.5, one weight all the way forward and the other weight in the middle, since making that change it has been the best club in my bag in a very long time.
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    bogeypro wrote:

    Never thought I’d kick my m3 out of the bag. Then gained 11yds with my 8.5 ts3

    Why do think that is? Higher ball speed? Lower spin? Can you provide any data?

    Here’s my thoughts... 10+ yards just changing clubs means that you weren’t properly fit before. Drivers are all too close in performance nowadays.

    Ping, titleist and callaway have more offset in the driver ie. the face looks closed at address than M3/4, even more than m2. Some ppl need that much offset to hit straight or draw.
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    I have an M3 will be trying it out against the new F9 identical specs

    I bought a 9.5 M3 last year and tried it with the weights forwarded just never liked it ended up selling it

    Then in the fall bought a 8.5 clicked it one low and have the weights set Koepka style and I ended up keeping it and being pretty Happy

    Moral of the story need to really mess around or get fit with the M3 to find the right combo for you. Once you do its a monster

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    Just got one of these used (mint), 10 degree, CK white xflex 70g shaft, could not be happier. Reaplacing a tour issue 8.5 BB DBD 816. Thought it would be harder to win me over but it is longer and much more forgiving. Love the sound and the solid feel.

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    M4 will definitely launch higher than M3, so u may need slightly lower loft if going M4, or slightly higher loft if M3. Tried M4 but didn’t love it. I play driver 44.5” and the heavier weight in the back only seemed to really affect how i delivered the club face. Currently messing around with M3 that i got at great price. I am definitely a feel player, and finding the proper weight setting is really crucial with this head. M3 head without a doubt spins less than M4, so again pay attention to loft. My M3 is 9.2 degrees true loft (measured), with 0.6 degrees open face angle. Going up 1 or 2 notches in loft brought face angle back to square and added a little bit of loft. So far it has great feel to it and distance is similar to my gamer (rogue sz w/AD TP 7x). There is some hot melt in head so the sound is fantastic.

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    I got fitted into an M3 440 9* with a Tensei White and the weights forward and it’s a bomber. It kicked my M2 out the bag after one round. 15 yards of carry were added just from lowering launch and spin, consistently carry 270-280 and rolling out near 300. It wasn’t that surprising though as I could tell, especially in the wind that I launch and spin my M2 too high. That being said, no driver cause fix **** poor strikes but so much, but TwistFace definitely helped with my toe hook miss. Made me with I had truly got fitted a lot sooner.


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    I bought one a few months back and see no reason to change. I upgraded from a 913 D2 so it was an update for me rather than a comparison between modern options. I wanted the adjustability since I knew I'd be tweaking it myself after I bought it. I suspect they're all pretty maxed out, so whether you like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, Ping or something else, it's probably mostly the aesthetic stuff.

    So far the M3 is surprisingly easy to launch. I have no issues teeing it high and letting it fly. I bought a 10.5 because I was worried but I've got it lofted down to an 8.5 right now.

    In terms of forgiveness, it may rank below others. Who really knows? All I can say is that it's solid as a rock. The step up in forgiveness coming from the 913 to the M3 was quite noticeable. Hitting the M3 reminded me of my old R11 which felt like a real game-changer at the time. It very obviously wants to go high and straight. To be blunt, if you can't hit this driver, you have swing problems.

    If I had any complaints with this driver it would be that it does kind of almost go too straight at times. As a power-fader I'm having to get used to the ball going straighter than I think it will. I recall having the same experience with the R11 when it came out. I was used to carving the ball out there to find fairways and the R11 didn't provide the same level of feel on those sorts of shots. It invited you to step up and pound it. I feel the newer stuff is much the same. Forget about being overly cute, just hit it high and hard and watch it go.

    The weights don't do as much as you'd think. I could easily play and get more or less the same results with the weights forward or back. There's maybe a slight change with the weights forward--maybe. But let's be honest, TaylorMade never had interest in releasing a club to the public that could be "ruined" by a couple tweaks with the weights. The weights barely do anything if you're hitting the ball high and finding something close to the center of the face. And I'm still playing it at it's original length of 45.5" which is overly long for me. If I can get along with that, I think it says a lot about the forgiveness of the club.

    Twist Face:
    The Twist Face is definitely not bad. There's nothing to fear in my experience. I don't know if the Twist Face is real or a gimmick but my misses are always towards the toe because I'm hitting up on the ball (usually high toe) and as I said, to me the driver seems to prefer going straight. That's probably a ringing endorsement of the Twist Face.

    The only downside of the M3 for me is the sound. It's kind of loud and ceramic to my ears. Maybe older Titleist drivers like the 910 and 913 were just quiet, but nonetheless, at times I feel I'm hitting a Sumo or something. Nobody else seems bothered so it must not be that bad but it's definitely a driver that wants to be heard.

    All that said, I don't see myself changing. Why would I? A driver that is easy to launch and prefers to go straight? What's wrong with that? I tweak the weights slightly from time to time and maybe that's bad but there's no position you can put them in that's not playable. Nobody who can drive the ball reasonably well would complain about this driver. Let's end it with that.

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    The M3 440 10.5 with Di 6 was a very good driver for me. The F9 May have pushed the M3 into my travel bag but it is still a great driver for my swing.

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    I played the M4 9.5 for a couple months last year with the V2 shaft. Was not a really good combo for me. I was not that accurate or long for that matter. Twist face was strange. Sometimes when I thought it would help it did not.
    Traded it in under a 90 day policy and tried the G400 Max with the tour 65 shaft. That combo is working very well for me.

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    Recently got M3 tour issue for good price. At first I wasn’t in love with it. But after messing around with the weight settings, i put both weights on front track, 1 all the way forward and 1 in middle, and that seemed to unlock its potential for me. I know people have said weights don’t do anything, but i am very much a feel player and any small change i notice. This thing is a weapon for me now.

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    Not long term use but I switched from a 2017 M2 for the M3 during winter and now have at least a dozen rounds played with it and a couple hours of range time to figure out swingweight adjustments. I purchased a 5 gram weight to add to the head due to length and counterbalanced shaft.
    I went from a 10.5 M2 turned to the lowest setting that spun like crazy to an 8.5 M3 head. I chose the lower loft after reading Tollbros M series head comparisons and after I had lost some weight/gained back muscle over 2018 resulting in an increase of swingspeed of 118-120 to 125-128. I assumed the increase in spin I was seeing with the M2 was because I was swinging faster, so I took a chance an 8.5* head.
    Well, the M3 head Pro Orange combo has been an absolute winner.

    I am getting around the same height as my M2 minus the ballooning. A much more penetrating flight. I'm carrying the M3 at or farther than the distances I saw with my 2016 M2. It really looks like the ball is coming off the face hotter. I'll have to wait for the course to fully dry out before i get to witness any increased rollout.

    The M3 is a completely different feel and sound compared to the M2. The 17 M2 was an odd sound and I really don't have anything to compare the noise to, but I got used to it. I actually thought it felt great but it also felt just as good on horrible shots which could be a negative if you're concerned with being able to feel the difference between a good shot and a bad shot. Now the M3 I think is a hair louder with slight tinny composite noise if that makes sense. It feels just as good as the M2 did, except I can feel when I have hit bad shot.

    I hit the M3 when it came out and I don't remember moving the weights around. Had I done that the M3 may have already been in my bag. I found the perfect balance of forgiveness/spin/launch with the two 11 gram weight in the back of the Y-track, one in the fade side and the other in the draw side. The 5 gram weight is in the middle of the straight portion of the track. Forgiveness is near the 17 M2, which was the most forgiving driver I think I've ever owned. That driver flew straight, just had the 16 M2 prior to it and I would say the M3 is in line with that as far as forgiveness.

    Its worked for me. Like many others have experienced, I've had the drives that looked like they were going to leak too far offline, but ended up coming back toward my target. Of course a bad swing is still going to slice or hook.

    The M3 was a great upgrade for me over the 17 M2. It has checked all the boxes for me of what I want in a driver. I'm hoping I don't see any issues with cracking like I had with the 16 M2, as this could last a long time in the bag.

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    As CKalma just mentioned, play around with different weight positions. I probably tried about 8 or 9 different combos, including using 3 weights, 4 weights, and different combos of the standard 2 weights. Finding the right combination really unlocked M3’s potential. Buying a tour issue head really helped as I knew how much head weighed and what face angle was.

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    I have an 2016 M1 10.5* right now and looking to possibly upgrade to the M3. I am left handed so its always tough finding clubs anyways. I have a low ball flight I am looking to possibly try the M4 since it launches a little higher. But my M1 with the project x hzrdus yellow it is a machine for low spin penetrating flight, but looking for a little more launch angle. I have noticed when I play around with weights on the M1 it does change the ball flight and feeling. It may just tinkering with what setting gets you were you want. Thats what I did and it made a big difference.

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    I've been working with the M4 after a couple of years with more so called low spinners, SLDR, M1 430 and 440. Just wanted to go a different route so i went for the M4 in 8.5 as i'm a high ball hitter. Got it down to 6.5 now with an 8g weight in the back for experimentation. Liking the lower loft but i cant decide on the weight at the moment. What were other peoples findings on changing the weight in the M4.

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    Twist face is just them bringing light to something the industry was already doing for years before. It is just marketing and psychological steering . Mizuno had it years before, you had to for gear effect.

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    I have had the M3 for a year. My problem is a hook and the twist face doesn't help with that since I hook it from center strikes. But I do love the driver. It's long and forgiving plus the shape is perfect for me. I have noticed some heel shots going straighter and some toe shots not going hard left on me but those aren't my normal miss so I can't say with any certainty that it's working. Now, the M5 fw is a different story. In the M3, slight toe side would give you a wicked draw. I had one on Saturday with the M5 that was much farther toe and it just gracefully moved left for me. The M5 is a keeper.

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    I started last year with an M4 with a Tensei Red shaft, could not quite get it dialed in (hit some bombs with it when I hit it straight). Traded it for a G400 (standard) and hit lots of fairways but was short due to higher spin. Found a deal on a new M3 that nobody bid on ebay with the same shaft and decided to give it another try. Glad I did, seemed to work things out. Got the distance back and definitely hitting more fairways. I probably should have tried the G400 LST or Max but I am hitting the M3 so well they are not on my radar.


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