Cleveland RTX 4 Long Term Reviews ??



  • DFS PFDDFS PFD Members Posts: 949 ✭✭
    Can anyone comment on the grind for the 54* or 56* in mid and full? Coming from SM7 with s grind for comparison. 
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  • denvergolfdenvergolf Castle Pines, COMembers Posts: 1,535 ✭✭

    The 60* low bounce has been a real game changer for me. I've enjoyed the L and M in the Vokey line for a number of years, but this RTX 4 feels like a nice blend of the 2. I've hit full shots from soft fairways, hard pan, chip, pitch, flop, sand from all types of lies and it just performs flawlessly for me.

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  • vibgyor1111vibgyor1111 Members Posts: 55 ✭✭

    Let's preface this by saying that I'm not a good golfer. I have the 58 mid. Loads of spin around the green on chips and pitches. Still working on hitting it full, or almost full and I struggle. Just using it for 50yds and in.

  • BCULAWBCULAW Orlando, FLMembers Posts: 3,668 ✭✭

    I'm shocked at how much more these spin than my vokeys. They feel better, too, IMO.

  • TT2017TT2017 Members Posts: 233 ✭✭

    I just bought the RTX4 in 48, 54, 60, having moved away from SM7's which just didn't love me.
    Just for giggles, and a super subject scientific test, here's what the RTX4 48 did to a brand new TP5X after 60 shots indoors on a GCQuad.

    I think my ball budget just went up.

  • jeffyjeffmnjeffyjeffmn Members Posts: 690 ✭✭

    this is a pretty telling picture.

  • kgeorge78kgeorge78 Members Posts: 7,825 ✭✭

    these wedges are incredible.
    So much more stable and forgiving than vokeys for me.

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  • gpleonardgpleonard New Smyrna Beach, FloridaMembers Posts: 1,270 ✭✭

    I switched from the Callaway MD4's to the Cleveland RTX4 wedges and I have completely revamped my short game. Great feel and touch with the RTX4 wedges. My wedges are the 2 dot which works great for me. I have the 50 and 56 right now. I am tempted to add a 60 for the occasional bunker shot that is in real close.

    Gil Leonard
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