**Need these gone** Lamb Crafted Goods still available plus Tensei TM Shafts

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Up for grabs are some Lamb Crafted headcovers and markers that I procured a couple weeks ago but I'm not going to put them to good use since I've concluded that I'll never be able to obtain a Tyson Lamb putter so don't really want to rock a Tyson Lamb putter cover on a putter that isn't a Tyson Lamb Putter
_ Trades:_Only thing I'd be interested in trading for is Bettinardi stuff. Really trying to put together funds to have a new BBO Dass putter built so I need to generate funds without my fiance killing me or finding out. But for now, cash is king.
All covers are new and unused. The Black Lambo and April Flowers/Masters were taken out of the sealed plastic bag but have been kept in safe storage. Everything is unused and hasn't been put to use. I"m sure someone on here will get good use out of it.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Fairway w/ Project x HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 80 gram. Standard L/L/L (mint condition, taped up the crown, face and sole and hit at the range)- SOLD
Bettinardi Limited Run 2019 BB1 303 Stainless 35". Brand new took plastic off head and grip but never gamed. Rolled a few times on the carpet - SOLD
Lamb Crafted April Flowers Masters Putter cover - SOLD
Lamb Crafted Masters Melon Berry Donut Ball Marker - SOLD
Lamb Crafted Pizza Donut - SOLD
Lamb Crafted Black Lambo Putter Cover - SOLD
Lamb Crafted Blue Lambo Putter - SOLD
Lamb Crafted "Sit & Spin" Divot Repair Tool - SOLD***
**Tensei Orange 60 S w/ TM tip. From Taylormade M5 Driver, Factory Length and Tipping
- $75
Tensei Orange 65 S w/ TM tip. From Taylomade M5 3 wood, Factory Length and Tipping - $75
Tensei White 70TX w/ TM tip. From Taylormade M3 Driver,Factory Length and Tipping - $75
Tensei Blue 60 S w/ TM tip. From Taylormade M3 DriverF, actory Length and Tipping - $75
Project Even Flow Black Hand Crafted w/ PXG Tip. 43" came with Gen 2 driver. Stock Length and Tipping -$175 shipped

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    sale pending on Pizza Marker and Repair tools

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    Pizza Doughnut and Sit & Spin repair tool are sold! Going back home to Texas!

    Let's get this other stuff sold! I'm currently taking, considering and accepting offers!

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    Epic SZ is sold.

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    Betti is gone!

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    Both Lambo head covers are gone. Come on folks, lets find these a good home!

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    First Lamb divot tool still available?

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    @jtbell37 said:
    First Lamb divot tool still available?

    It has and so has the pizza marker. They're marked as sold and it's mentioned in a previous comment. Thanks.

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