Someone finally did it.European tour 500 balls hole in one challenge.

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Andy Sullivan is king for a day.Couldnt happen to a nicer guy



  • Pete O'TubePete O'Tube  375Members Posts: 375
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    Fantastic reaction from him on Ball 230!

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    Brilliant. Wasn't far away with his first ball.

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    His reaction makes it.

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    I think its his third year trying... glad to see he finally got it, in past years he's had lip outs...

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    Well done Sully!

  • BrianMcGBrianMcG  2376Members Posts: 2,376
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    I would have loved to see that first one drop. Then he just walks off like no big deal. LOL. Everyone would be like "that's it?"

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    He was on from the beginning, I’ve seen these where they are all over the green, but his first ball was what 4 feet? And then he was just firing them in there. I would like to see the dispersion chart for all 230 balls just to see how tight he was.

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    Liked the different counts of asterisks.

  • laguna79laguna79  286Members Posts: 286
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    Well done Sully !!!!!

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    Molinari and Stone must feel a bit down after seeing Sullivan do it :lol:

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  • jmvargasjmvargas  6252Members Posts: 6,252
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    I'm impressed...and his swing looked the same the whole time!!
    this guy is good!!

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  • BKN1964BKN1964  1029Members Posts: 1,029
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    Fun guy to watch. His course vlogs with Crossfield are entertaining as well.

  • SuperbritSuperbrit  567Members Posts: 567
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    The 94% GIR hitting 230 balls is pretty impressive!


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    It was brilliant! Laughing out loud during lunch watching.

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    The self dialogue is what makes it great...the highs and the lows, positive and negative.

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  • dciccorittidciccoritti An inch an hour, 2 feet a day Toronto, Canada 1689Members Posts: 1,689
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    That was bleeping awesome!


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    As someone who has done this on a simulator in about 1500 shots you have a better chance with a hole/club combo that allows either more forward roll or back spin. He only had about 2 feet of roll at most to actually have the ball go in. The more roll you have the less dialed in you have to be. At the same time I guess its even more impressive he did it by basically trying to dunk it. All of the holes that have lots of hole-in-ones on them have lots of ball rollout. Thinking of 16 at Augusta and the par 3 course there.

  • HankshankHankshank  1832Members Posts: 1,832
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    First throw ever on a frisbee golf course I made a Hole in One. Now beat that....

  • bscinstnctbscinstnct  27629Members Posts: 27,629
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    Ha, shot 136, brutal.

    The one he made, he gave a look like, yeah, that could be the one.

  • wildcatdenwildcatden China Cat Sunflower  1033Members Posts: 1,033
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    I didn't see him do any ball mark repair when he got up there.


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  • DLBTide7DLBTide7 Birmingham, AL 123Members Posts: 123
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    So fun to watch... his reactions are truly priceless!

    Shot 230 had the same swing, same rhythm as shot 1.

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    The stats breakdown from ET:
    • 171 yards
    • 7 iron
    • 230 shots
    • 217 Greens in Regulation (94%)
    • 90 shots within 10ft (39%)
    • 42 shots within 5ft (18%)
    • 8 balls in the bunker (3%)
    • 14.8 ft average proximity
    • 1 hole in one

    Very entertaining, I imagine other people will be looking at the ET's social media/digital people.

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  • NokeNoke  2179Members Posts: 2,179
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    Wow, he really wanted it!

    Thanks for posting.

  • MPSgolfsMPSgolfs  76Members Posts: 76
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    ET's YouTube channel puts out a lot of great content.


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