Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 7x

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Relisting due to a buyer backing out, after I had it all boxed up and ready to ship. I get things happen, but please don't commit after I've done all the work and come up with a half-baked excuse. *****HEAD HAS BEEN SOLD*****

Tour AD IZ 7x in EXCELLENT shape. The Tour AD IZ was purchased brand new and built/installed by McMahon Golf. Was only used for a few hours of indoor testing and that's it, moving onto another project. Played to 43" in my G400 3 wood, new Golf Pride Tour Velvet .580 round installed logo down, 1.5 tapes.

Head only with cover: $OLD shipped
Shaft only with adapter (can remove if buyer wants): $200 shipped

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    Still trades.

  • racmbsracmbs Members Posts: 719 ✭✭

    Just the Tour AD IZ left for sale.

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    Your AD IZ 7 still available? Interested...

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    Still available

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