Ap2 716 real or fake?

Hello everyone just wondering if these irons were authentic? Purchased them on eBay brand new and wanted to get your advice. Thanks!



  • coach_harris1coach_harris1 Members Posts: 1,022 ✭✭

    The serial number looks suspect to me. My serial number is almost not visible and the numbers are slimmer and not bold and my camera can’t pick it up.
    Here’s a picture of the back for reference for you.

  • CletusclungCletusclung Members Posts: 3

    They are much more bold... feeling nervous

  • coach_harris1coach_harris1 Members Posts: 1,022 ✭✭

    Unfortunately that’s the chance you take on eBay. Tons of fakes out there. Where was the seller located? USA or China? Was the seller an authorized Titleist dealer? Feedback score?

  • CletusclungCletusclung Members Posts: 3

    He has a 95% and only 1 bad rating due to slow shipping and the seller is located in the USA

  • coach_harris1coach_harris1 Members Posts: 1,022 ✭✭

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in. I can’t tell other than the serial number looks off.

  • Yanki01Yanki01 TEXASMembers Posts: 6,145 ✭✭

    I think they're fine. normally on these the fakes have the wrong font and the cavity looks like crap.

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  • FredCouplesFanFredCouplesFan Members Posts: 130 ✭✭

    Serial numbers look way off to me, number font on the soles seem a bit off as well. I am sure you can call Titleist and verify serial numbers to check. My gut says they are fake.

  • earleyrcearleyrc Members Posts: 421 ✭✭

    I'm trying to dig up pics from when I sold my set, because I'm fairly sure the serial number was engraved and not printed. Other than that I think they look correct. You can send pics to Titleist IP team and they will tell you if you should be concerned or not.

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  • thevaporzthevaporz Members Posts: 2,998 ✭✭

    Serial number fonts etched/lasered vary by manufacturing timeframes and locations. Email the serial number to Titleist to see if they match up with the shaft and grip build and length (they appear to be stock specs). The "Forged" and "Tungsten" cavity fonts are correct. I believe they are authentic irons.

  • brew4eaglebrew4eagle VAMembers Posts: 2,781 ✭✭

    Look legit to me. As mentioned, serial # font varies. All other fonts look good and sticker on 7 iron sole is reassuring.

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