Fix for lateral to rotational

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I'd would love a little help with this one..

I've always struggled with a bit too much lateral motion in the downswing,I tend to bump and slide rather than bump and turn.

As you can imagine I miss big right when this happens and also strike is compromised..

Is there any tried and trusted drill that I can use to train this motion better.

I'm open to anything at this stage..

If I try and set the hips turning at the top it usually sends the club outside the line coming down on me...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I don't know if theres a true drill for it but alignment stick thru belt loops could work. If you get someone to use the butt end of a club to give you the feel of rotating to start the downswing from the top this could be effective. Essentially that person would want to putt the grip on the ball and socket joint and push as straight back as possible. This would give you the feel of the hip moving straight back but would get you more rotational hopefully.... Tough question.

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    The right concept is the Hogan's pane of glass. You want to constrain your shoulder to below this pane of glass in backswing and downswing. Try to trace the target line with your lead shoulder in the backswing and with your trail shoulder in your downswing. You will find that the hips would move naturally to allow room for the shoulders and create lead side bend in the backswing and right side bend in the downswing. Jim Waldron's Tiltswitch occurs naturally.

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