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    Personally, the issue is not what a club or set costs

    new, it is what the trade in amount figures at

    using the pga value guide .


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    I may have missed the part of the thread where the OP mentioned being forced at gunpoint to buy new irons? Did I miss that part or was that omitted? He WAS forced with the threat of physical violence right?

    Otherwise there are several secondary markets like Ebay where you can get really cheap stuff still in the plastic , or there are demo days or other events.

    If the price is set somewhere for a while.... there is some elasticity involved that makes sense for the OEMS or they would all be out of business

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    I fully support and appreciate all the good folks buying new retail clubs., which has created a used market that is phenomenal if you are patient and know what you want.

    Just returned from a quick FL trip hitting my 'used' second set of irons for the first time which I picked up at about 1/3 of new retail. The 4-6 irons I don't think were ever hit, 7-PW barely a scratch. I'd call that birdie condition : D

    My buddy loves the Rogue 3w I got him (Cally CPO store for 140 or so) and wants the Driver. CPO is light on that, but found a like new Rogue head only for $105 last night after 15m of searching. Hello xmas present.

    OP, its OK to buy new once in a while if you want: I treated myself to my P770s new in 2017 after gaming my Eye 2s for 20 years. LIke cars, I am all in on CPO however if you are a budget shopper or club 'ho.

    Happy shopping!

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    The value of ANYTHING isn't real until you buy or sell it. Singling out luxury brands is pointless (especially when you consider that Rolexes, for example, tend to appreciate over time).

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    If you read my post, you will notice that I don't single out luxury items and that you have completely missed my point.

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    I hadn't been in a golf shop in almost a year, and a few weeks ago I stopped by a PGA Tour Superstore that opened last June. I was very surprised to see the cost of equipment. I priced a set of irons and it came out to $188 per iron, not to mention the cost of drivers and fairway woods. The only thing I will be getting this season are new wedges, as mine are no longer feeling very groovy (surprised at the cost of wedges, too, lol).


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    Yes, you pay more.

    But, now you have shaft high quality shaft options in every club.

    Used to be you had basically one or two shafts for irons.....

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    I haven't missed your point. It's the same you've made many other times in other posts, including the part about luxury cars and the fact you think people are fools to buy any of them.

    If I really HAVE missed your point, then what is it?

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    It does really suck that we don't get as much for the money now. Corporations always trying to milk us consumers!

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    The market is to blame - the segment of the market that continues to pay full price the day the OEMs launch a new version of the same club (with different paint or badges). The product cycles are so short now, we can get get very reasonable prices on new old stock and hardly used equipment, but we're well informed. I play golf in a retirement community and MOST of the guys I play with have no clue how clubs are built, how they perform, or even what they are made of. They have disposable income and just buy new clubs for themselves or their wives whenever they feel like it. The OEMs love them.

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    The market will price what the consumer will pay. Obviously, not all consumers will $500 for a driver, but many still will purchase at that price. Then once the price has been dropped to $400, even more will purchase the driver. Depending on contracts between manufacturer and retailer, they both may still be winning in this situation. The consumer loses, but also the consumer had the power to choose.

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    I think the equipment cost are totally inline compared to how long the product will last. Realistically , you'll get 10-20 years out of a set of Irons. Obviously , you possibly would wear them out if that was all you did was play every day but for the average guy or girl with a real life(job, kids,family Blah Blah) they will last. The best part is , if you get the right clubs ,they will still be relevant 5,10 even 20 yrs from now. But ,where the cost becomes a factor is when you decide to change those clubs for the latest and greatest and now the crying starts. Why do we change? Well, golf is basically the only sport I have been involved with where we the golfer are manipulated into buying something that will not improve your game what so ever. We are manipulated by the what ifs. What if I had that Scotty, What if I had that new driver my buddy just got for $500 large and the best, What if I had (insert your favourite Pro) Clubs. I'm so far away from a Tour Pro its like we are not playing the same game,(me 3 hdcp). I played with former PGA Tour player a couple times and believe me it would not have mattered one bit if I had any of his clubs.

    Its the nature of the game of golf to think maybe this putter ,driver , or irons will be the one to get you to the next level. Then , the costs start to spiral. The Manufactures got us, they make it better every year and we buy it. Stop the insanity today! lol

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    I generally agree that the cost of equipment has increased with inflation. However, two recent trends have caught my eye. The first is the introduction of luxury brands, like PXG, the intent of which is to get more money out of people who happen to have more than they need. We're about to see ball brands that will attempt to do the same thing. The second trend is the blossoming of the fitting industry, which pretty much exists to promote expensive shafts. The raw amount of nonsense that comes out of the mouths of contemporary club fitters is breathtaking.

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    What breathtaking nonsense caught your attention?

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    At my Club Champion fitting, I heard that the shaft is the "engine" of the club, grip size/weight/shape are personal issues and don't affect club performance, and SW is irrelevant. While the fitter seemed to be familiar with MOI around the rotational axis as it applies to clubhead stability, he seemed unfamiliar with its application along the longitudinal axis of the club as an alternative to SW matching.

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    I am not a fan of that analogy. The shaft does not "create" power, it just transfers the power in your swing to the clubhead. So if anything the swing would be the engine, and the shaft would be the transmision that tries to transfer the power to the clubhead as efficiently as possible.

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    You're right, and you can take it a step further...nations, laws, etc. are all "myths" and solely exist because we all agree they do (explained in much more detail and more elegantly in "Sapiens"). As for OP's point, equipment being "overpriced" is entirely subjective. It might be expensive or overpriced to guy who makes $40k per year, but it's less than a drop in the buck to the guy who makes $750k. Prices are what they are because the demand is there and the market supports those prices. If we start seeing a massive decline in sales of new equipment in the next couple of years, then the OEM's will adjust prices down (and if they don't they'll go out of business). On the flip side if demand stays the same or increases, prices will continue to rise. As someone pointed out, they're really not that much different than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

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    That's insane. I have been fitted at Club Champion. They paid meticulous detail to shaft, swing weight, grip, etc. Pricey but well worth it.

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    I remember working in a small golf shop in high school back in the early '90's when Ping was selling the nickel and BeCu Ping ISI's, and I remember someone ordering a set with graphite shafts at $1,800ish, which I thought was insane at the time.

    Here's my take: while you might think it's crazy to buy golf clubs new when they'll just lose their value on the way out the door, there is probably something that YOU are willing to spend top dollar on that other people wouldn't. And as others have pointed out, when you consider inflation and the value of money today, golf clubs really haven't gone up as much as some other things...have you priced a new pickup lately?

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    If we really want to talk overpriced, lets talk putters - all it does is roll the ball to the hole!!!

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    My usual policy is only buy new, that doesn't mean NEW this year. I usually find heads still in plastic from a year or 2 back and then go on ebay and get a 400 dollar shaft DIRT cheap because shafts don't hold any value after prepping. Same with irons, got mine on a steal still in plastic at just a year old. It's fun to find gems! And even more fun to keep the ones that you play well with. But I do agree, boutique golf (hipster crap) makes it OK to price jack.


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    Here's my take. PXG has definitely driven the price of golf clubs up across the board.

    Golf is a HOBBY for me and I will spend the dollars even if it's stupid, on the latest and greatest. I'm a golf club ho, I admit it and I do dumb stuff, but it's fun for me until buyer's remorse sets in. But I continue on.

    However, I have not bought into the $1,500 - $3,500 dollar club for irons. My passion goes only so far.

    I believe good drivers should be around $400 - $500 and iron sets around $700 - $900. That's sort of my limit, so I'm playing with 6 year old irons and have an M6 in the bag and an M4 3 wood.

    I've never bought anything used - so far.


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    OH thats very true, but there’s always a market for anything. It does make me laugh so very much though.

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    I won't complain about the country club hobby I play despite not even close to making country club wages in regards to these club price points. As a ho of the gear more or less (I couldn't play if I didn't have at least two of every club slot in similar specs - boredom), I love how ebay has many models from just one-two years back still new for much less than current lines. The mint and excellent grades on used from Global Golf and 2nd Swing are in great condition at even less cost.

    I still make it fun by playing twilite rates, prepaid, used golf balls rated as 4A (see You tube demos how they are no drop off from new balls!), and my golf shirts of dri-fit blend come from Ross.😝

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    In 2003 the TM R510TP comes to retail. MSRP was $700. Street price was $600 or higher. Sold like crazy. Same as the OG titanium Big Bertha. Selling for $500+ in the early 90's. Or a driver from RAM that was $1000 MSRP in 1996.. High prices for golf gear is nothing new. As Ms. Shirley Bassey once sang with the Propellerheads.... it's just History Repeating. Please read on.

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    Yes, I remember when the r510TP came out it was at least $500 CDN at my local Golftown. I vividly remember seeing the R7 Superquad 1st Edition All Black going for $700 CDN and was in a glass display case at the time in 2007.

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    I would be happy to purchase used, for example, great deals are to be had at Callaway Pre-Owned and what you get is always in better shape than advertised. Problem for me is my irons/wedges are +2-inches...can't find many irons/wedges with those specs. Fairway woods are +0.5 inches and hybrids are +1-inch. As I said, the only thing I can see myself changing annually is wedges as I play/practice a lot and the grooves lose their bite.


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    Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest thing of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be. Cervantes

    In golf, the human mind has much higher capabilities to screw things up than the physics has to make things better. Unknown


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    I remember when Taylormade metal drivers were $98. Callaway introduced drivers that were nearly $500 from what I remember and the golf market has never been the same since then. Have owned Ping irons, Taylormade (several sets) but no Callaway because they started the dramatic price increases a normal person couldn't afford. I think they make good clubs but I just won't support them.

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    This past decade or so, top of the line drivers were going for $299 and iron sets for $699. Wedges, including Vokeys were $99. Club prices have gone through the roof over the past 5-6 years.


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