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For high handicappers, does it really make sense to have more than one?

I'm looking at charts for handicaps 15 - 25 and the 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid generally go the same distance. I'm assuming the same can be said for the 3 as well.

So in short, is it a waste of money to have 2 - 3 hybrids when the data shows for most average hitting hacks they all go relatively the same distance. In fact the chart also showed the 4 iron and 5 iron for average handicappers going the same distance. Does it make sense to carry a 4 iron knowing that information?

In fact I would think having one advancement club is better than multiple ones. Practice it and get good at it. I would think getting comfortable and confident with the one "advancer" would do far more for you game.

Besides you could get fit for that one "advancer" and put money in the shaft etc and really have a tool to use.




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    I played a 3 and 4 hybrids for years and there was always a distance gap between the two. I fell into a that handicap range when I was playing 2. I don’t play the 4 anymore because I improved and can hit a 4 iron more accurately than the hybrid.

    Driver - Cobra F7
    3w- Adams Tight Lies 2 16
    Hybrid - Cobra F8 19
    Irons- Sub 70 739 5-PW
    Wedges- Tour Edge CB Pro 50, 54 , 58
    Putter- Tour Edge HP Series 01
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    I don't know what chart you're reading but I think it needs to go in the shredder. Both my current set and my previous set had several hybrids and they went different distances. Currently my 5 goes 170, my 4 goes 180 and my 3 goes 190.

    I think a lot of high cappers would do well to replace as many of their irons with hybrids as they can.

    I wish I could find a 6h and am considering ditching my 64* for a 2h.

    I'm currently playing off 22.

    Callaway Rogue Driver.
    Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids (3/4/5)
    Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons (6/7/8/9/PW/AW/SW)
    Callaway 60* Sureout wedge
    Callaway 64* Sureout wedge
    Ghost Spider Si 72 Putter
    Callaway Super Soft Yellow (White in winter).
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    I am a higher handicap, and, I carry 2 hybrids, a 21 and a 25. I use to carry Ping G10's, 21, 24, and, 28. They all went different distances for me. The distances and gaps you get will be dependent on your swing speed.

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    it's irons that go the same not hybrids


    Ping G400 LST 11* Blueboard Matte 53x
    Ping G400 3w 13.9* Blueboard OG 63x
    Ping G400 5w 16.5* Blueboard Ion 73x
    Ping G25 7w 20* Whiteboard 83s
    Callaway Apex 4h 23* GD Tour AD DI 95x
    Callaway Apex 5h 26* GD Tour AD DI 105x
    Callaway Apex UT 27* Aldila NVS105x
    Ping Blueprint 6 - PW UST Recoil 110
    Vokey SM2 50-54tvd-59tvd DG s400 onyx
    Callaway PM grind 64* s400
    Piretti Matera Elite torched

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    I'm a 4 handicap, and I carry two hybrids. They are so easy to hit.

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    I replaced a 4i and 5i with a 4h and 5h. Fortunately, the hybrids are adjustable as I weakened both 2 degrees (33 and 26) as I have a 5 wood adjusted to 17 and 7 wood adjusted to 20. This gives me the gaps I need. I'm a mid single digit golfer. I went with the Callaway Big Bertha hybrids. Not a high handicapper. But, found hybrids to be a great addition as they provide a higher trajectory than I could muster out of the 4i and 5i on average.


    Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 w/ Project X Evenflow Green 55 R shaft
    Fairway woods: Callaway Epic Flash 5 and 7 wood
    Hybrids: Callaway Big Bertha 4i and 5i
    Irons: Ping G700 6 - U wedge
    Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 56 and 60 degree
    Putter: Vons SS398 / mySpider X

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    If you're going to talk about data charts, please share them. Then we can see what you are looking at.

    You are addressing the need to do a gap analysis for your bridge clubs - those clubs between your driver and your lowest-numbered iron.

    Not sure why the 4H and 5H would go the same distance for all average golfers, assuming they are the same head model and shaft. As others have said, they get distance gaps between the two. For many golfers, the 3H is somewhat difficult to hit.

    Now, data does show that 4i and 5i sometimes go the same distance. If this happens, it's a case the golfer doesn't have the clubhead speed, or maybe the cleanness of strike, to maximize the 4i design. Workarounds include replacing 4i with hybrid, or going with a softstepped or lighter shaft in the 4i to improve launch. If the reshaft works, keep it. If not, go with hybrid.

    With my new irons (see below), the 4i was good off the tee but iffy off the fairway. So, I refit it with a hybrid shaft. I picked up a few more yards off the tee and can now hit it off a decent fairway lie.

    Or, some players will get a more forgiving 4i and 5i from the next friendlier set. When Rogue irons came out, a Callaway fitter suggested I might get a 6i-PW in Rogue Pro and a 4i + 5i in basic Rogue. If you look in our What's In The Bag section, some pros will have a GI 3i and/or 4i and Players irons for the rest of the set.

    Note: some people find higher lofted FW work better for them than hybrids. Again, what works best...

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS + MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr.  | Note: MD4 58°/8.C-grind may replace MD/PM
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperHot - orange
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course and season.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
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    I ditched fairway woods and carry 3 hybrids all the time and sometimes I carry a 4th. Best move I ever made.

    Ping G400 driver
    Titleist 917 F2 3 wood
    Ping Anser 20,23,27 Hybrids 
    Wilson Staff MB's 6-PW
    Ping Glide 3.0 50*
    Ping, Glide 54,58ES Wedge
    Scotty Cameron Newport 3

    Snell MTB X

    Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right
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    For senior golfers like myself, hybrids are a no brainer. And for younger golfers that have a tough time with the longer irons I see no reason to not put a couple in the bag.

    My senior bag.......
    Callaway Rogue 9 * driver & 3,5 fw woods reg
    Callaway Rogue X 4,5,6 hybrids reg
    Cobra F9 SL 6-gap Recoil 780 f3 shafts
    Cobra King Black SL 56*
    Odyssey O-Works Marman black putter
    Datrex 15 way IDS cart bag - black
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    Once you learn to look at hybrids as an iron, and hit them as such, they are a great addition to the bag. I love the versatility of my current 3 and 4 hybrid set up. So much so that I would love to get an 18* Callaway Apex hybrid to fill in for the old Mizuno F50 5w I currently use for longer courses. I find it so much easier to choke down and manufacture distances with the hybrids. They are much more effective gap fillers for me.

    As far as the OP is concerned, I can't say I've ever seen much discussion concerning distance gaps, or lack thereof, when it comes to hybrids. More common when it comes to Driver and 3w, in my experience.

    The most common complaint with hybrids (again, in my experience) is their "tendency to go left." But...hit them like an iron, they don't go left. YMMV.

    Cleveland Launcher HB 10.5* - Stock Miyazaki C. Kua 50 Stiff
    Callaway Diablo Octane Tour 13* - Aldila NV 75 Stiff
    Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 15* - Accra Dymatch M5 75
    Mizuno F-50 18* - Stock Stiff
    Callaway Diablo Edge Tour Hybrid 21* - Aldila NV 85 Stiff
    Callaway RAZR Tour Hybrid 24* - Stock XStiff
    5 - PW Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl - DGSL S300
    Cleveland 588 RTX Rotex 2.0 50* DG Wedge
    Cleveland 588 RTX Rotex 2.0 54* DG Wedge
    Callaway X-Series JAWS Slate CC 58* Stock Wedge
    Odyssey White Ice #7 - Golf Pride Oversize
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    @Paddy_2_Iron ,

    If you could find the data set/chart, that would be great. I'm familiar with research methods, and sometimes broad summary charts can be misleading in their presentation.

    Your point about carrying a 3H and 5H is a valid one. I often see single-digit HDCP players carry a 3W, a 2H and 4H, and then jump to 5i.

    Also, the particulars of a hybrid model can matter. Loft ID (XR Pro - clubhead bears loft, not 2H, etc.) with tight gaps often implies you don't carry adjacent hybrids.

    Men's 2015 XR Pro Mens Graphite Shaft Hybrid Product Specs (Bonded head, non-adjustable)





    Cobra FlyZ




    With the FlyZ, however, you're more likely to get decent yardage separation between adjacent hybrids. With 3H set at 19* and 4H set at 22*, you get 3* loft gaps and 3/4" shaft gaps, rather than {2* + .5"} with XR Pro.

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS + MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr.  | Note: MD4 58°/8.C-grind may replace MD/PM
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperHot - orange
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course and season.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
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    I think that regardless of whether you're talking hybrids or irons or fairway woods, a lot of players need to take an honest look at their distances and dump some clubs.

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    I started a thread that sort of addresses this yesterday. It's called High Handicap Bag Set up Discussion. There's a good bit in there about what to work on to improve scores too. I was asking about the top of my bag. I have struggled with my 3 Wood and 3 and 4 Hybrids. Out of those 3 clubs I am most comfortable with my 4 Hybrid likely due to whatever swing flaws I have and my current skill. On A good day I get different distances between both hybrids but in general I hit the 4 better. My hybrids are also are in regular flex shafts. I learned through trying some clubs yesterday that I need a stiff shaft in my hybrid. I am personally thinking I will be dropping my 3 wood for a 5 wood and dropping my current hybrid for a 4 with a stiff shaft. That in theory should give me even enough gapping and simplify the top of my bag. But I am not doing this because there wouldn't be enough differnece between the 2 hybrids I have. If they fit me better and I could hit the 3 well they would probably be fine and go different enough distances.


    Taylormade M2 (2016) 10.5 @ 11.25*

    Callaway Rogue 4 Wood 17*

    Callaway Rogue 4H 21*

    Tommy Armour TA1 5(24*) - GW(50*)

    Callaway MD4 54w and 58x

    Odyssey Red Jailbird Mini S

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    To the OP, yes, it makes sense to have more than one hybrid. Might not be a 3 and 4--might be a 3 and 5. But if you're starting out, unless you have time to put a lot of practice in, you will be hard-pressed to find many 3, 4, and 5 irons that you can hit better than hybrids. Over time, if you improve, you can always experiment with replacing hybrids with lower irons.

    And your question is also appropriate as to whether there is overlap between hybrids. A number of posters insist that each hybrid will have a different distance than it's lower or higher counterpart. That may well reflect their experience, but that doesn't make it true for all golfers and all hybrids. Between differences in shafts, in spin numbers, swing characteristics and other factors, yes, you can have 4 and 5 hybrids go the same distance. How do I know? I carry three hybrids. I'm an old hacker, 13 hi, and I've found 3 and 4 hybrids that are nicely different in length and usually accurate. Finding a 5 was a PITA because a few that I tried were no better than my 6 iron. Similarly, once I had the 5 hybrid that worked, I tried a couple of 6 hybrids--and they were no better than my 7 iron. I know this because I did testing indoors on launch monitors and outdoors using my Arccos system. Now, there are times I use only two hybrids because I can always choke up on the 4 hybrid and approximate the 5. So start with one or two, figure out how those work for you. Then, using your own demoing and testing, or through fitting, figure out if another hybrid or two will help. Don't assume a **** thing about how golf clubs, in your hands, will work, no matter what you read on this site.

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    Just throwing it out there, I'm a 2 handicapper and I play 3,4,5,6,7 hybrid and 8-p in irons 😁

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    That’s a lot of headcovers in the bag! Is there a reason you use so many hybrids?


    Callaway Mavrik 9° driver Tensei Pro White 50 S Flex

    Callaway Mavrik 15° fairway wood Tensei Pro Blue 60 S Flex

    Callaway Mavrik 20° and 23° hybrids MMT 90 S Flex

    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 4-PW Modus3 Tour 120 S flex

    Mizuno T20 Raw Wedges 50-07, 54-12, 58-08, 58-12 and 62-08 Modus3 125 Wedge

    Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten S

    Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track

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    Hey noodle, the worst part of my game has always been my iron play, with irons I hit about 5-7 greens a round .... Horrible.... switched to hybrids and now it's 13-14 a round.

    My bad shots seem to have a good chance of hitting the green, the only downside was getting used to the size of the heads. Took a wile.

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    That's just smart golf. :D

    The more folks work within their abilities and match clubs to skill/flaws etc...the better the scores get.

    I remember seeing a short video by McDowell about why are you trying to hit a 2/3 iron, hit a hybrid stupid was the message.

    I have as second 'fun' set of irons that I carry my 4i in, and I am so attached to my two hybrids (2/4) I need to drop a wedge or the 3w so I can keep my two rinkies in the bag

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    For me, my best shots come from the hybrids.

    I had a 3 hybrid for 210-220 yds and removed the 4 iron with a 5 hybrid for 190-200 yds.

    I hit my 5 iron 180 aprox. and I have no issues.

    for me my low point is on the wedges I suffer with thin shots. I start doing better with a 56* which is my everything wedge from 90 yds to 10 yds. and removed the 60* from the bag

    Ping G400 Alta CB, X Shaft
    TM 2016 M2 3 Wood / Callaway EFSZ 3 wood 
    TM SLDR 4 & 5 Hybrid
    5-PW Mizuno MP-18SC - Steelfiber i95 (since Nov 17) - on the bag
    5-PW TM P-790 Modus 3 105 Stiff (since March 18) - on the bench
    4-PW Mizuno MP-20MMC KBS$ Stiff - since dec 19) - in transit 
    Cleveland RX2 50/08
    CBX 54º Wedge, CBX 58º Wedge.
    SM6 54º & 60º on the bag

    carbon-putters-revolver.png Carbon Ringo Putter
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    In simplest terms, I wouldn't skip a club to just play one that works. Find two that work. I'm currently 14 and carry a 4H and a 4i. Equally important, I can hit them both and my yardage gaps are correct (4i = 205, 4H = 220). While I understand your thought process in just finding one that works, there are so many options out there that you can find two that work (you can hit them well and they are gapped correctly). If a second hybrid isn't your cup of tea (too pricey or just not your preferred setup) look at a game improvement or super game improvement long iron. There are also iron/hybrid crossovers like the Cleveland Launcher HBs that might work. I play 718 AP1s so the 4 iron is easy to hit. If it wasn't, I'd look at replacing with either another hybrid or a different game improvement iron that I could hit well.

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    I get what OP is saying. I have Cobra Pro Hybrids at 18, 20, and 23 degrees. The 20 is of no value to me for distance progression. 5 degrees difference for slower swingers should be fine.

    PING Rapture(OG) 10.5 driver
    PING Rapture 3 wood
    Cobra Pro hybrids 18 & 23
    Callaway '18 MB irons
    Callaway 56 SW
    Cleveland Classic #2 putter
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    Excellent topic and question.

    In general terms I think players of all skill levels, from beginner to Tour pro, would find they shoot the exact same scoring average whether they have 10 clubs in the bag or 14 clubs.

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    If you play a lot or practice a lot, long irons is the way to go.....accuracy. If you don’t have much time to practice or play often, hybrids is the way to go as hybrids are more forgiving but not as accurate as irons.

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]driver - Titleist 915 D3 10.5[/font]
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]fairway - Ping I25 18 degree 5 wood
    hybrid - Ben Hogan VKTR 19 & 23
    Irons - Mizuno MP68 3-PW
    wedges Mizuno MP-T5 50-58
    putter - Ping Sigma G Doon[/font]
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    I would say "YES"

    I love my hybrid and GI irons.


    8* F9, SMOKE S. 44 3/4"

    14.2* 915 FD, NV S. 42 3/4"
    18* APEX, Stock S. 40 1/2"
    4 & 5 IRON EPIC Stock S. 
    6-PW X2H Pro Stock S. 
    56* X forged, Stock S.

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    I am a 2 but I did notice that a 17* hybrid didn't go much farther than a 20* hybrid. However played a 23* hybrid for awhile and did have a decent gap from the 20.

    I think it is an individual thing.  A few years ago I noticed that there very little difference between my 4 and 5 iron mbs that now I play a more GI 4 iron.

    Cobra King Ltd Pro
    Nike SQ2 13
    Cobra F6 baffler
    Mizuno Fli Hi  21
    Bstone J40 DPC 4 iron
    Cleveland 588 mb 5-9
    Vokey SM7 50
    Cally Mack Daddy PM grind 54,60
    Putter....depends on the day
    Snell mtbx
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    I am a 7 handicapper and use hybrids only. Yes, from 3-PW are all hybrids.

    But I use Project X 6.0 steel shafts (125 grams) and make each hybrid have the same loft and club length as the corresponding iron does. The carry distance and distance gap are very good, and they are so easy to hit.

    Driver : Taylormade Sim Max 9.0 VA Composite Drago 75 X
    3 Wood : Taylormade 2017 M1 15 VA Composite Drago 75 X
    Irons :  Hybrid 3-PW Project X 6.0 Flighted
    Wedges : Bridgestone J33 56,60 Project X 6.0 Flighted
    Putter : Ping Sigma
    Ball : Titleist Velocity
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  • scctx5rscctx5r Members  83WRX Points: 21Handicap: 6.7Posts: 83 Fairways
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    This is a tough call. Personally i dont see the need for more than 1 but thats my bag and i alternate between a 19* hybrid and a 18* driving Iron. But im a good ball striker and a fairly low hcp. My father on the other hand has benifited from having several hybrids in the bag and has lowered his hcp. But he got fit for each of them and they all have a different purpose and do go the yardages needed. If you can benifit from multiple hybrids then its no waste of money but get fit hit several to make sure each one hits a specific number and you dont waste money on hybrids you dont need. Like test having a 4 hybrid and then 6 hybrid you might find you dont neef the 5 hybrid because the gap just aint there.


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