Poor service from Ping - Broken Driver - Know before you buy



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    Ping has the best customer service of any manufacturer out there.

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    Sorry but those GG employees were just trying to rile you up. As another poster commented previously, I also have done 100s of return authorizations for vendors. In my experience I have never had a customer service rep tell me to just grab a club off of the rack and hand it over as a replacement and they will in turn get me another one. This is from any OEM, mind you, not just Ping. I've sold a brand new Cleveland driver on a Thursday, have it break on a Friday and when I call CS to get a shaft warrantied they want the customer's receipt to prove its real along with sending it back for inspection for any misuse; a several week process where I live as it has to be shipped cross-country.

    If we do what you propose, that means I am down one driver for about 3 weeks that I don't have the potential to sell, and I've effectively just given something away for free in case they don't actually cover it. If this scenario had played out and you got a brand new driver and the GG called you 3-4 weeks later that Ping denied your claim and to please bring the new club back, what do you think the success rate of that is going to be? Like probably less than 10% of the customers are actually going to bring it back, and if they do, it's not going to be in "new, selling" condition anymore anyway.


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    Removed sarcasm

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    WAIT....what forum we on??? You have a 3 year old driver? You my friend are not a true WRX'er. 😁

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    If WRX had dumbest post of 2019 I’d vote for this one. Ping G?!?!? Get real dude

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    Since people are still replying, an update for anyone who cares.

    I took the driver back to the same store a week ago and asked them to send back to ping to see what they could do.

    Got a call back that same afternoon and ping said they could now sell me a g410 for cost.

    So obviously they have no real process in place, as a month ago they said I had to send the driver back for inspection, and now they figure out how to make a determination without seeing anything.

    Whatever, I'm over ping anyway at this point. But if they could've helped me out with this resolution when things happened a month ago they would've had a customer for life.

    Keep on thinking they have awesome service if you want to.

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    Lmao, it’s all you man. Has nothing to do with Ping customer service. Even when Ping tried to take care of you then and now. Ping couldn’t help you from the get go. Is cause you wouldn’t allow them to by sending in your driver from the get go. For whatever sob story you have. Nothing was stopping you from sending in your busted 3 year old driver. But you still have issues as if Ping did you wrong. It’s obvious it’s all you.

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    Poor Ping is missing out on a customer who will play a driver for 3 years, then trade it in for a new driver at Ping’s cost? Oh my, how will they ever survive?😂😂

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    OP must’ve thrown tantrums growing up in order to get his way....if you haven’t noticed that’s not how the real world works, pal. I’d have laughed in your face, had you come to me with these crazy demands. Donkey.

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    LOL at thinking Ping is at fault. You definitely give your kids a cookie when they didn't eat dinner cuase they are crying so much.

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    Lol. I bet if you had just had the shop send it in immediately the outcome would have been the similar. Ping Likely needs/wants the customer to initiate the process before they act, to weed out cheapskates/scammers trying to get something for nothing. If you passed on trading a driver 3+ year old driver worth $50 for a new LST at cost, lol.

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    Ping 1 - OP 0

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    So we are suppose to think that Ping has poor customer service when you didn't give them a real chance to do anything for you in your time frame. Then a few weeks later you take the club back to the same store and have them ship it back to Ping. In less than 12 hours (you stated that same afternoon) they call with the offer of buying a new g410 driver at cost. Yep that sounds like you should report them to the BBB!

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    mneumann, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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    Like others have said, what Ping is offering is more than acceptable. It is no longer under warranty, so it you want something you are going to need to send it to them. Once they look at it, they could offer a nice discount on a current driver or even send you a head no charge. But there are a lot of fake Ping drivers out there and they are going to need to verify the driver is not a fake. Fakes are more prone to crack, so they need to look at it before offering anything. Also the timing certainly sucks but there is nothing that can be done about that.

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