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Hello folks,

Has anyone used any of the online instruction subscriptions? If so, what did you think? Any that I'm missing below?

Any feedback is much appreciated!




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    I've used Adam Young and would recommend The Strike Plan (also got an online lesson from him and it was excellent, maybe the best value of any lesson I've ever paid for). From the list above, I also bought Sean Foley's Short Game videos and they were okay.

    You're missing two really good ones: Golf Smart Academy and Top Speed Golf.

    I'm currently a member of the Golf Smart Academy and it's very comprehensive and you can also get inexpensive online lessons from Tyler, which is a big plus for me. I was a member of Top Speed Golf and thought it was worth the money. It's more structured than Golf Smart Academy, but you don't get the different viewpoints and explanations per topic. You can get online lessons, but not with Clay and I don't have that much confidence in his instructors.

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    I like the videos offered by Monte Scheinblum (Rebellion Golf). Not a subscription by definition, but a good set of videos.

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    I sub to Athletic Motion Golf and am happy with it. I like that their data is from tour/elite players with body mapping and analytics. Info that is absolute not somebody’s interpretation of what they think the player is doing. When I say absolute, I mean as in Bell Curve, the majority of elites do this, but a few outliers do that. That is useful information for me when I’m working on something

    I also subbed to the scammer site GGswingtips and got swindled. As much as I like George’s stuff and know he isn’t part of the ongoing scam, “fool me once”...

    i know he has his own thing going on now but AMG fits how my brain thinks and learns

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    Some of those guys are good friends, some I just know a little.

    Can’t go wrong, all smart guys, but with different voices, so it just about finding what makes sense to you.

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    Stated earlier not a subscription but Monte’s Rebellion Golf is hands down the best all around. Covers all the bases and really hits home if you ask me. Any time I have a ball flight issue I go through my notes from all of his series and I diagnose it almost instantly. This was my first stop to trying to learn and understand the golf swing and I definitely think it is the best.

    I also purchased Great Shot e-book from Jim Waldron a while back. Great read with a ton of awesome information. Again, not a subscription but I really feel like these two guys are sending the same message. I think they compliment each other really well. It is a little more scientific if you will but the message is clear and worth it.

    Recently I stumbled upon Bradley Hughes. I purchased his e-book and it was fascinating. I subscribed to his site which is my first actual subscription due to the YouTube videos I was watching of his after finishing his book. Again, pretty close to the aforementioned guys. Just a different way to proclaiming the same message but I like it so far. Only reason I subscribed was because you can cancel at any time.


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    Awesome! Thanks for the responses folks!

    For Monte's website, which series would you recommend to start with??

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    I think these subscription plans are good but only as supplements.

    In my opinion you should find a coach that you like, agree, and will commit to their philosophy and take lessons from them. Then you can purchase their course as supplements because it reinforces the principles they are teaching you. The trap we all fall into is watching YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc. and trying to make 10 different changes at once from 10 different instructors with 10 different philosophies.

    I know I always find myself going down the YouTube rabbit hole. However, the hardest thing to do is block all that stuff out and have discipline to your coaches plan.

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    malaskagolf and are both excellent. Adam youngs stuff is also great

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    I've subscribed to all of the above (except for Adam Young) at one point or another and you can get a very good idea of each by looking at corresponding social media presence, they all pretty much have a lot of videos available free either on Instagram or YouTube and the material behind the wall is more in depth and organized. Haven't looked at George Gankas's new site though, hesitant to spend that much, but looks to have a lot of content.

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    Remember in the 80’s and 90’s all we could get were books to learn the golf swing.

    then came YouTube, now comes subscriptions !

    have cable, but oh what’s this? I need a subscription to view premium shows.

    I say the best strategy is to choose a time period when you are ready to learn. Get your notepad and pencil out, get that mirror fired up. And subscribe to the $19.99 a month plan. Do your homework, write down key points so you can go to the notes forever . Then unsubscribe when you are out playing golf.

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    I think the best way to take advantage of the choice today with these subscriptions is to send in your swing video and do the lessons and use the corresponding videos assigned by instructor that work your piece. The great thing now is there is choice. You can pick from Dana Dahlquist or George Gankas or Tyler Ferrell or Athletic Motion, etc... Like in the movie, Moneyball, it's a process, it's a process, it's a process.

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    I've subbed in and out (monthly payments) on Malaska website since it started about two years back.

    I've purchased all Monte's videos, some were even pre Rebellion golf (use the bounce 1.0) and they are my main source for video instruction.

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    I’ve enjoyed Course Kings. Top two things for me were the difference between hitting a fade vs a draw and Jeff Pierce’s short game stuff (especially how to judge a lie). I’ve only done the monthly subscription and will stop paying once I’ve gone through everything that interests me.


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