Current Irons with a Beveled Leading Edge?

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Looking for help from the collective Golfwrx motherbrain, here...

I have had two very well known clubmakers (both of which have been interviewed on this site) tell me that I need a beveled leading edge on my irons (and wedges). I am VERY shallow and don't hit down on my irons nearly as much as I should. I might come down 2 degrees with shorter irons (not nearly enough). With longer irons we are talking like 1 degree....I know, I know.

YES I KNOW THIS IS A SWING ISSUE. But, I have playing golf for 30 years, play to about a 5 and have two kids that severely limit range time. My swing isn't changing any time soon....

I spoke with Ian Fraser at the PGA Show (great guy) and he mentioned the TM 760 and Titleist T100. So, I've added those to the "try" list.

I would ask the clubmakers mentioned above, but I always feel a bit bad asking a club maker what OTHER brands fit me, particularly when their sets are $3,500 and that's not in the cards for me.

So, bottom line -

What current iron models have a beveled leading edge?

How/why does it help a player with my tendencies (I assume that it "brings" the leading edge closer to the ground for a guy who isn't doing that by his action...?

Thanks in advance to y'all.

Just another guy junkie trying to get the right clubs in his hands (until he talks himself out of it again) :)



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    760's alllll day long, perfect for shallow guys. I'm on your boat, although not as shallow, I still like a thinner sole but a bit of bevel on leading edge to help get me in and out of the turf faster. T100 are good irons for sure but unless you struggle getting enough spin, I've found these for whatever reason to really spin quite a bit. Since I play a really high spinning ball, I don't need the head DNA to be high spin either. The 760's launch high but don't spin quite as much, which compliments a shallower swing nicely.

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    SUPER helpful, Z1, thank you!

    I did like the 760s when I tried them OUTSIDE. With my AoA (or lack thereof) its very hard to feel much inside....I know some people hammered on them because the long irons were all over the place in terms of distance control. But, I didn't find that at all.

    What you said about needing to get "in and out of the turf" is EXACTLY what both clubmakers said I, you clearly know your stuff!

    Thanks, fella. Excited to hear other responses.

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    Miura TC-201

    Titleist T100

    TM P760

    older models look at Bridgestone J15cb

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    Boy.... you guys are GOOD. Totally forgot that Ian mentioned the TC-201, too. If anyone every tells you that you guys don't know your stuff, tell them to pound sand!

    Thank you!

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    V Soles on Srixon and Ben Hogan irons would be great to look at for you as well.

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    Interesting to hear that! I’ve heard the V soles are made for guys that really compress it (ball then turf) and are not good for shallow guys.... the V sole certainly looks like an extreme bevel though so I get your thought....

    the counter thought would be that bc the V sole is so extremely, it could actually encourage a bladed shot on a very shallow swing bc it actually exposes the leading edge to the ball, right?

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    I don't understand why a guy with a shallow angle of attack need a beveled leading edge, which is an anti-digging feature.

    Regardless, many of the Japanese brands use a beveled leading edge such as Bridgestone and Mizuno within the JPX line,

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    Epon 503. Grindworks cb1 (not as noticeable but it's there)

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    Thanks, Nessism. I’ve heard that too actually. In my case it’s more complicated, according to my fitters. It’s not that I don’t dig at all, it’s how I drive the club into the ground. They like me in a beveled bc of HOW I contact the ground. Apparently I am in and out of the ground quickly but the way I impact it is prone to digging and getting stuck. It’s weird I know.....

    My misses tend to be either very thin or very fat. Or, the contact is perfect but that’s a rare event :) The beveled apparently will help make the bad misses less bad (more consistent turf interaction....

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    Maybe you are trying to force steeper attack and require some leading edge relief for that reason. A sweeper really doesn't need the anti dig feature. Might look at clubs that have a lower vertical center of gravity. Sweepers generally hit the ball lower on the club face.

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    Honma 747v have a nice beveled edge as well.

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    You guys are all awesome! NEVER thought if the lower CG idea...BRILLIANT. And you suspicion is true... I think over compensate bc I know I pick it.

    I am always a groove low!

    You’re spot on. Will check out Honma!

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    Not current but Bridgestone J15 CB would seem perfect. I would agree with the Srixon post. I have seen shallow players start taking a medium divot with the V Sole. If you are going down at the ball at all, you skip that leading edge bounce and get into the turf a little later in the swing, possibly after the club has had a fraction more time to move into the ball before turf interaction. This also promotes a divot instead of a bounce IMO only.

    Just one guys thoughts with no evidence besides what I have seen with my eyes.

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    The srixon 785 have a good bevel from what I've seen. Also if you are looking titleist, I havent hit the T100 yet, but they really improve the turf interaction on the ap2 718 from the 716.

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    So bummed I can’t get the J15 CB new....funny...people say I swing like Kuch (a horrible garbage version of course) and guess what he plays.....

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    p760 or t100. If you want distance lofts hold out for the t100S in March


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    Thx fella, saw you had some good comments in the "iron sugestions for a sweeper" thread too. Some of the suggestions in that thread were pretty chunky though (like Hot Metals). Not to be that guy but I just can't look at those. The stuff you guys are suggesting I absolutely could. I'm no light-out stick but I grew up laying blades (that's all there was) and I hit the ball absurdly high (also a biproduct of not hitting down and in turn, not delofting the iron). So, anything SGI is out....GI would be fine....

    No one has said anything Minuzo...interesting...

    I have gone down a rabbit hole now trying to find irons with a super low CGI per the great post above..... someone save me from myself, please.

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    If I’m not mistaken the new T100S coming out in March having stronger lofts and they adjusted the cgs lower to make up for that. I will be getting them when they come out.


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    Interesting... The T100s are nice for sure....I am sure the S will be solid, as well. It's more compact then the 718 Ap2 that's for sure... The sole of the Ap2 was not great for me and all the perimeter weighting made me feel like I couldn't get "under" the ball.... Perhaps the T100 are better in that regard.

    I suppose the more "tech" in the club the less likely the weight could be super low in the head/face.... one of the clubmakers I mentioned (who is essentially on the Mount Rushmore of great golf club minds) actually wanted me in blades after he fit me, but, he also hasn't seen me on a bad day...yet....!


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