Lost interest In the love of this game.

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First off not trying be a Debbie downer just asking what you guys do to get out of this golf slump. Haven’t been wanting to golf or practice in 2 years. Hope y’all can help me. Thank you



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    Thank you......Yes I do follow I think one of those. And yess def got get back to family faster. So maybe more 9 holes. I was actually just reading another thread on here that was talking about how I’m feeling.

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    I started playing 15 years ago. I haven't hit a practice/play slump yet. I practice just about everyday of the week in the offseason, and during the season I play everyday, weather permitting.

    I wish I could help you, but the motivation to play/practice has to come from within.


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    i have been working so hard on my swing. I have created diagrams on visio, pics of every thing i have learned... played amazing golf for 2 months and then awful golf,, shanks and all... but i just saw that as a transition in learning something new. If you can't have the attitude of playing pain being an experience in itself...it's difficult to improve and have fun. Don't care if you are in a slump..don't care if you hit bad shots..so long as you are working on your fundamentals..if not..you will continue to suffer

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    I hardly ever practice. I play quite a bit, and walking, and hitting a variety of shots with a specific target, is a lot better for me than beating balls.

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    I sometimes get like this in the winter. The dark, cold days with nothing to look forward to really gets me down sometimes. But once spring hits, and the days get longer and warmer, I get the bug again. I also spend some time planning to play some courses in the area that I haven't yet or maybe a few that I want to play again just to remind myself that theres a reason to look forward to the golf season.

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    If you don't enjoy it, stop. Don't force yourself to be into something you are not.

    Personally, if you are a working man and your handicap is greater than 2-3 , you should be concentrating on having funny, the camaraderie, walking outside in natural, enjoying the fresh air. Get yourself a sunday carry bag, put 8-10 clubs in it and walk and get to know people. I like to show up as a single and pair up with randoms, it's fun talk-to and meeting all kinds of different people, male and female, all age groups, from all walks of life.

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    A few years back I went through a similar period with golf. I had been playing for 40+ years and had seen the handicap steadily rise as I changed priorities to spend more family time. As I neared retirement I wasn't sure golf was going to be the favorite activity I had always planned. I stumbled across some of the "minimalist" threads on WRX and that interested me. I also was interested in some of the "back to the classic clubs" threads. Picked up a few (OK more than a few!) vintage clubs and tried to regain my youth and get away from the toaster on a stick drivers. Also joined a 9 hole golf league where many of the guys don't even bother with scorecards - just telling bad jokes and having a nice quick (< 2 hr) walk in the mornings. All in all, golf is fun again. Hope you can find a solution that works for you as well.

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    7 years ago I rode my bike into the house and told my wife , " I quit". I didn't touch any of my 8 bikes, swim or run for the next 6 years. Didn't even think about it. I had been training and racing triathlons for 22 years. I was done. I sold all but 2 of my bikes.

    I had golf to back me up. I'm retired 6 years ago. I play golf 3 days a week. The other 4 days I ride my bike again. I started riding last year. After 6 years I found it fun again. Though I no longer ride outside. I changed and ride on a smart trainer in front of a 58" tv with virtual reality films. You can't get hit by a car in your garage!

    With those in mind, I think walking with a minimal bag may change your mind on golf. Don't force it.... You'll play again, maybe, when the time is right.

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    Your post doesn't make a lot of sense to me? You say that you don't want to golf but 'want' others to make suggestions to get you motivated again. You don't want but yet you want?

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    I too rode for a while (got involved with the road racing scene for 15 years)-one day rode home in a freezing rain storm, couldn't feel my hands and never touched the bike again. Been golfing for 8 years now. Have no interest in picking up the bike again.

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    Really depends what you get out of the game. If there is no meaning to do something let alone anything, then it is probably better that you don’t. No one faults you. This game takes time and to be honest a lot of time. Longer than a typical movie, or sporting event. Just gotta take it and move on. I live the game. I compete with myself, and more often, I compete against my buddies. I love trying new clubs out hoping to find the holy grail which I thought I had found four times over, never happens. But to each their own. That’s what is great about the game, you could be having the suckiest round and drain a 40 footer double breaking birdie putt and suddenly you are hooked again.

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    Be gentle with yourself. Tastes change, if not it wouldn’t be life. Golf is something of a lifestyle. Do what makes you happy. Played once last year, had fun. Planning on playing frequetly this year. Giving up alcohol didn’t hurt. Now I meditate.

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    identify what made you love this game and get back to that. I had a hard time at one point....it felt like the game was getting too expensive, course were overcrowded on weekends and every guy on the course thought they were tiger woods...lining up drives and putts for 5 min......it was brutal going to the course.....then i started going after work, around 6pm....walked 9 holes on courses that were not so popular and just taking in the landscapes, the wildlife and i got back to enjoying the game and the atmosphere again.....now the golf flame is burning hotter than ever......good luck

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    Yes. Don't force yourself to do something you don't enjoy. Life is too short and there are plenty of activities one can engage in.


    Treat yourself as if you were someone you are responsible for helping. Jordan Peterson

    Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest thing of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be. Cervantes

    In golf, the human mind has much higher capabilities to screw things up than the physics has to make things better. Unknown


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    I feel the same way, but you do know it is February, so not exactly golf related weather. Just wait for warmer weather to show up. This the least amount of golf I have played in quite awhile. Limit your golf to nine holes and if it is still to much, take a break. If the guys you use to play with take the game to seriously, find others who do not. I actually cussed out my playing partner for taking the game too seriously, and he still plays with me. I just don't have time for the bull.... any more. I like to play for fun and enjoy the walk. Those who get to serious usually don't play with me again.


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    I've been playing hot and cold since about 1990. When I catch the bug I'm watching golf every weekend, hitting on the range in January, and playing courses frequently. When I'm off I don't have anything to do with it. If it's not fun, then it's work. We have enough of that to go around. Don't force it.

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    Try something different; driving range, lessons and start playing nine holes to ease yourself back into it

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    To keep from getting bored due to repetition of the same old thing. I play a lot of choose ups and so playing with a lot of different people with different skills quite often. I dont want to be the worse player in the group and be embarrassed, so that makes me get out and practice.

    Also, my friends and I go to at least 1 either new (to us} , or seldom played course every few weeks which is a lot of fun.

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    @GC...is this because you're not scoring well which has caused frustration or are you playing well and just not having fun?

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    I suddenly stopped playing golf at age 30, then picked right back up 7 years later. It happens.

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    I started leaving the scorecard at home.

    Play shot to shot for the fun of it.

    You'll still know when you're playing poor, but it won't matter because there's nothing to add up at the end.

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    This is an Interesting topic; the psychological component is fascinating...

    What motivates us to love, enjoy, and pursue any of the things that we become passionate about?

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    I started becoming a club ho. I Hardly played all summer 2018, then in 2019 I bought a new set of clubs, and then went on to buy 7 more sets of irons, driver and other stuff. I totally fell in love with that part and in turn, want to play every day etc. I know it costs a lot, but this is what did it for me.

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    You sound more frustrated than having lost interest. If you’d lost interest, you just would’ve taken up something else. You can still feel bored with something without actually losing interest. You could be bored with the way you go about it. Were I in your shoes, I’d start trying for more miracle shots. You know, go for every par5 in two, try to drive all the short par4s, cut doglegs by going over the trees, skip the ball off all the water hazards, etc.. You may not score as well, but it’s not boring, and your friends will be amused.

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    All you have to do is pure a driver on the 18th hole and you'll be back. Or, flush a 5 iron onto a par 3. Or how about that time when you nailed that 4 wood over the tree on the left side of the fairway on that dogleg left par 4?

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    What slide13 said. Spiritual golf 100% all the way. Just make sure you always have a cup with a little ice and bourbon and its even better IMHO!


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