2020 Golf spending bet with my GF



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    Ouch. I would just pay her the money and let my inner golf ho out.

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    Cue the disturbed song of the same name.... down with the sickness... haha

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    Just leave new clubs at your other girlfiend's place

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    After reading this I am starting to think something might be wrong with me because I don't change clubs that often. I've had my current set of irons for 5+ years now. My set before that I had for 10 years.

    I did just buy a new 60 degree Jaws wedge a couple months ago though. But that was only because my previous one was coming up on 5 years old, and the grooves were worn.

    I tend to spend my golf money on things in the "other" category. Namely, fun golf trips, motorized push cart, etc.

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    Think I'd need a season ending injury. I borderline enjoy tinkering with clubs as much as playing the game itself...

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    Start buying watches. She’ll be so focused on how much you spend there that she’ll pay you a grand to go back to buying clubs.

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    The newest club in the bag is my driver. That's the only club less then a year old. Next is a putter, about two years old and the rest is about three years old I'd guess.

    For me it's simply not making the budget. I spend on greenfees, lessons, shoes (I have just 7 pairs I use now) and balls mostly. Oh and a trip this year too!

    Now I am looking, but we're saving for other stuff (retirement, paying off the house and such). Also: getting lessons helps me more then new clubs, so I'd rather get myself a couple lessons to improve. Having said that: I'm having a real hard time not buying stuff, I love new stuff, I want new stuff! But I also want to have money for retirement, to pay less for the mortgage and I have the mindset to make that work I guess.

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    Golf purchase(s) diversion action checklist:

    Purchase and wear a GIANT Invicta watch, no matter how much it hurts or how stupid it looks.

    From her: "where on earth did you get that?"

    Your reply: "I've had it for a while."

    Start watching TV shows featuring Richard Rawlings.

    From her: "why are you watching that?"

    Your reply should just be a mumble "Richard Rawlings, new golf club, fast cars."

    Cook dinner for her.

    From her: "you're cooking dinner?"

    Your reply: "cooking up a storm, baby"

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    Funny story. I live in a studio apartment with a longtime gf. She does NOT like me buying clubs... But she knows nothing about golf. She knows I have drivers, 'almost drivers' (fw), 'heavy crooked ones' (irons), and putters.

    So I have the clubs in my sig, which replaced a set of Apex Edge Pro's. The blades live at the club, the edge pro's in our closet at home. So one day I see a set of Apex PC's on Craigslist and being sort of a collector, I buy them. I box up the edge pro's and put the PC's in the bag in the closet.

    Gf is in looking around in the closet somewhere and hollers 'Hey did you buy new clubs again?!? These look different I thought'

    I say 'Huh? They say Hogan on them don't they?' (she knows I like Hogan)

    "Oh yeah they are Hogans... I guess I thought wrong!"

    So there you go. It's not that hard!

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    Lol, I wasn’t trying to break them up. I’m pretty sure a GIANT Invicta watch will end any self respecting relationship.

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    I smell trouble

    you gotta buy what you want when you want


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    Start drinking and gambling heavy. Sell the cat, pawn the silverware..after you explain you're substituting one habit/hobby for another, she'll be buying you new clubs in no time.

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    Watch videos on YouTube comparing this year’s clubs to 5 year old models.

    You’ll quickly find that the newer club isn’t really any better than the old one.

    this could be a permanent cure, tho

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    I think only A WIFE has jurisdiction over YOUR spending. Unless you have kids with this nice young lady, I'd say make a "power-move" and buy whatever you want and never pay up because it's your paycheck (unless it's not, of course!). I say that being married for 10 years with three kids, so my spending $100 a month on golf gear I don't need has a REAL effect on my family's well-being...haha. New wedge or groceries?? It's a tougher decision than it should be sometimes.


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    Why does a GIRLFRIEND have any say in what you spend?

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    Do what I do. Just get clubs that look roughly the same color. It seems to be working so far

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    Mate, you seriously have to learn to have multiple hobbies.

    Between new surfboards, fins, wetsuits and the new fishing reels, rods, tackle etc my golfing needs are nothing.

    The latest discussion here was around a new boat. You think golf gear is expensive. They don't say boat is an acronym for Bring Out Another Thousand for no reason!

    You seriously need to reset the expectations and parameters!

    Oh, and if as your GF she's like this, you can rest assured married life will be a lot tougher on your fiscal freedom.

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    Get a rubber band and wear on the opposite wrist of your Rolex, pull it as hard as you can and just let it go every time you start itching for a new setup.

    works with smoking too.

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    You’ve come to this challenge at a perfect time. Now, more than ever, you tubers are calling bull on manufacturers new products. Just go watch Crossfield, Shiels, etc do club tests and see that there is Zero gain. That being said I buy golf clubs based on pure **** appeal. The heart wants what the heart wants.

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    Sadly, I have not bought clubs in 15 years. I only have changed wedges every few years depending on wear. I do not get caught up in all the gear. I honestly believe the only thing holding me back slightly is the forgiveness on my driver and woods and new irons would spin a bit more. Nothing else has really changed all that much to warrant an upgrade. I tend to laugh at people that change clubs every year chasing a fix. When something is off I usually go in search of a swing thought or feel instead of a new club etc.

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    Also single so no bets here in this house.

    I also play in about 50 tournaments a year and any winnings are proshop credit $$$ - so I have not actually bought anything in a long time. Playing Mizuno MP-20 MB thanks to a few wins. And before one of you say sandbagger -- most of that was Gross wins.😉


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    Play more and shut down your account on here for a year! Good luck


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    Pick up a meth habit. No more worries about golf or how much you're spending on it.

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