Unique golf phrases/words that you use...



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    Skied shots, one of my buddy's says higher than a bus load of hippies. And we say for a shot that needs to go, skip and go naked or run like you stole something.

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    Helicopter, aka a "ghetto bird" (makes sense if you're familiar with the rapper ice cube) - making a birdie you don't deserve due to hitting your drive OB, chunking your approach, etc.

    Driver flop - skymarking your drive and therefore hitting it super high and short. I have a buddy that does this so often it has become his nickname.

    Beermax - taking the max allowable score on a hole so you can give up and return to the cart to drink beer; i.e "I've already had to drop twice so I'm just going to take beermax on this hole".

    Mazel Tov - when you're playing in a scramble and your buddy is feeling it on the greens so you put him in the anchor spot because he has "the eye of the jew" (it's a reference from the movie Beerfest). My buddy pulled this off once, claiming he had the eye of the jew, then drained a 30 foot slider for eagle. I drunkenly blurted out "Mazel Tov" and we all died laughing so it stuck.

    Friends with benefits zone - when your playing partner is getting a stroke in a team game and hits a shot or lags a putt into "the friend's zone" getting your team a win even though you didn't contribute at all.

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    When I was young back in the 1980's and we would see someone slam dunk their approach shot directly into the hole we called it a Gorilla. Does anyone happen to remember that actually being called a Gorilla, or did we just make it up? I haven't thought about it in years until I just saw this thread.

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    Anytime you short side yourself is a flopatunity


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    My group just says "she gone" but more like "che ghawn" for when my one buddy who is as big as a ox drives his ball 300+ yards 79degrees to his right

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    When you're fading shot is becoming a slicing shot toward the hazard or OB line, we like to yell "Hold... HOLD!!! HOOOOLD!!!" a la Braveheart.

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    “Two Chips Chen” for the infamous double hit on a chip or pitch shot, made famous by TC Chen at the 1985 US Open

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    • The Gunch. “I slapped it out in the gunch on 15”
    • Full Flaps. Used when the ball needs to get down.
    • DIMB. Pronounced “Dim-bee” or “dim-beed”. Acronym for —— in my ——. Use your imagination. In a sentence - “I got totally DIMB’ed on 8 behind a tree.” Not PC and I can thank my HS golf coach for that one.
    • For three putts... three wiggle, three jacked, three slapped, etc.
    • Teen ****. Usually used after you hit a putt way too hard/blew it way by the hole. “It went off in my hands like teen ****”
    • Gatted it. Said after pounding a tee shot “gatted that one”.
    • A Larry. Reference to someone who is not keeping pace, being unchill, acting petulant or thinks they know more about the game than they do “That guy was a such a Larry”.
    • A Richard. Long-hand for another name. “That dude was being a Richard out there”.
    • The Cack. Used interchangeably with gunch.
    • Pellets. Range balls.
    • Fat Beaver. Used when you got real deep with a high lofted wedge and took out a sizeable divot. “You really got down on that one - solid fat beaver”
    • Nuked. Hit it hard.
    • Raw Dogged. Usually when you hit a really good shot or hit a sick recovery shot. “You raw dogged that one, bro”.
    • Taking the big meat deep. Long tee shot.
    • Sucky sucky one more time. Typically said after someone pulls the string with a solid wedge shot and backs the ball up near the hole.
    • Yo-yo Artist. Someone who’s on the birdie/bogey train or having an up and down round.
    • T1tties and beer. When you hit a number of consistently good, solid golf shots. “You’re t1tties and beer today man - consistently good”

    The list could go on. I’ll probably get banned or offend someone but - the question was asked - and these are my answers.

    And yes, the first time I dropped a sick recovery shot on the course with my wife playing with me and she said “you raw dogged that one!” meant it and said it in a conversational tone I did laugh out loud. She’s a keeper.

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    I just spent the last several minutes reading all of these and laughing at my computer screen. Fantastic

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    Our Favorite is off the Tee box -- if it is long and straight down the Middle it is called a Martha Stewart - as in that is just PERFECT!.

    if the Tee shot is a bad on we say " That is a Caitlyn Jenner -- for it is "Good from Afar but Far from Good"

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    Long and girthy - when someone bombs a drive with a huge draw that starts at one side of the fairway and curves across ending up on the far other side. Meaning he it long and it also took up the entire width of the fairway.

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    Well done, just read these at LOL'd at work to myself... We say a few of these at home track, and maybe I can add a few more to our normal game.

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    Right down Broad St.

    The common saying is Right down Broadway, but I'm a Philadelphian who lives in NYC and can confirm Broadway is not straight by any means, whereas Broad St. on the other hand is straight as can be.

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    "HEEL, Cinnamon!!!!!" - For a wayward drive (Step Bros.)

    Same guy who launches drives that necessitate the above phrase also tends to balloon the ball on occasion. I usually just say, "That one's in the Jetstream", or "Jetstream ball...."


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    Smashed Potatoes makes me LOL every time i hear it. Next time I am at a Tour event, I plan to yell it when Phil bombs it.

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    F * * K!

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    I limit myself to using that particluar unique word to 25 times on the greens, times on the tee, and 50 times with approaches.

    I developed these limits based on accurate record keeping of how many times I actually use this word during a round.

    Glad to know at least other person shares my affinity for this word

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    I don't remember exactly
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    Awesome thread. One of my favorites that my buddies and I use when someone misses a putt: "Right club, though.. Right club".


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    I have a couple that i have heard over years.

    When i was a kid i used to play with my grandfathers group, i called them the old geezers, one of them smacked a drive straight down the middle one day and turned around to the group and said that was a blondie, a good crack right down the middle. Took me several years to realize what he meant, but i use that one all the time now.

    A couple years ago we were on a golf trip to pebble with some customers, bad golfers, we were playing spyglass and one of the guys blasts a shot right through the center of a healthy tree, it goes through without touching anything and he turns and says, trees are 90% air. Our caddie doesnt miss a beat and says so is a screen door, anytime someone says that around me now i always clap back with that line.

    Dammit, I had another one but i forgot it before i could finish reading this thread...

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    If you ball ends up touching another ball on the green we call it a "Rock Hudson"

    A hard lip out is a "Monica Lewinsky"

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  • RealNickGRealNickG Members  31WRX Points: 21Handicap: +2Posts: 31 Bunkers
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    If you hit an actual good shot, I will say "good shot".

    If you hit a good shot for YOU, but not necessarily and actual good shot I'll just say "shot".

    It sounds almost the same and is accepted as such.

  • flip flappyflip flappy Members  1007WRX Points: 191Posts: 1,007 Platinum Tees
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    When some one hits a good shot, " I say hey man nice shot, what a good shot man", after the song that Filter did.

    When someone really goes after it on the tee box, " You gave that all your lovin, all your hugs and kisses too", ZZ Top song.

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    Played with an older guy one time that referred to the really fast greens we were playing on as being “slicker than **** on a gold tooth” and I kept catching myself chuckling for the last 6 holes of the day afterwards.

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    Skull a chip or power a putt past the hole and off the green? Follow it with "Better than most...better than most...better than most!!!"

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