NFL QB vs PGA Tour Pro: which is harder?

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A buddy of mine and I have been wasting too much time not working today about this. He isn't a golfer but claims NFL QB vs PGA Tour Pro is no comparison and the QB is more talented/skilled. He says why is it so easy Brady/Romo are near scratch golfers and it's so easy to them to pick up. Of course I argue the other end and I think it's easy for non-golfers to see it the way he does. What are your thoughts? There probably isn't a right answer, but interesting concept nonetheless.



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    I believe that the top lets say 25 PGA Tour Pro's are better at their sport than any other athlete is at his or hers. So much of golf is mental and you have too much time to think, good or bad. Most other sports are reactionary and for the most part you just need the physical capabilities.


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    It's an interesting question, and one that has to come with the caveat of there only being 32 starting QB's in the NFL. So if you are comparing, you would have to keep it to the top 32 golfers in the world. To me, the top 32 on the PGA Tour are better than the 32 starting QB's in the NFL (AS A WHOLE). That being said, I think it would be pretty comparable having each of the top 3. Both are technically difficult, both are mentally difficult, one is way more of a physical risk (NFL, obviously), but one is way more of an individual effort (PGA). A top PGA player has to bring their very best EVERY WEEK, whereas a QB such as the GOAT (Tom Brady) can be off and still have the team make it to the AFC Championship or Super Bowl. A QB can also carry the whole team to a victory, so it's a tough call, however.....

    I think the real difference is that, to be outside of the top 32 in each, being a back-up QB is mainly about physical tools (for the most part). Being a top PGA pro, that isn't top 32, takes a lot more technically and mentally, and I think would be the more talented/skilled vs their non-top 32 counterparts.


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    Last I checked, Brady is a high single digit handicap. Romo has been playing golf his entire life, so its not really a fair comparison. Quarterback is the most cerebral position in team sports, there is definitely a mental capacity to it. Success is the result of a team. In golf, a players' success is the result of the individual exclusively. A great wideout, line can make a qb look phenomenal. The right game plan can make success more attainable regardless of skill. As a golfer, the only way you look great is precise execution. Two different sports and it's a really difficult comparison to make.

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    I have problems with the QB position..must have been some pampered twit who came up with that role... so cerebral that others have to lay their bodies to protect make him look good. I don't see that as cerebral at all. it's a skill...judgement skill which golf essentially is too. overrated role compared to a genius golfer

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    My only question would be what is his definition of talent or skill? I think each sport takes advantage of certain talents/skills so it there isn't necessarily a direct comparison from my point of view..

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    Honestly, I’d put the top 32 soccer players in the world above both, but I guess that doesn’t answer the question.

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    I'd say NFL QB is like breaking the top 50 in the world and the rest of the NFL is outside of the top 50 in terms of just shear difficulty. Both sports take an amazing amount of dedication and god given talent.

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    It's harder to make a living as an NFL qb, there's only about 64 of them and half of that number are out every year. If you put Tony on a golf course with Brooks, Tony at least understands the game and might even be somewhat competitive. Put Brooks under center in an NFL game and he has no place to start. He doesn't know how to read a defense, it's unlikely he knows how to take a snap, and doesn't have the arm talent to compete. Plus, he is frail compared to the guys who would really, really like to knock his !!!! in the dirt. In reality, it's not even a discussion. The skill sets are vastly different, the mental aspects are completely different, the physical requirements are worlds apart and situational processing is completely different.

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    The skills/talents are too different to compare in these two sports. What's next? MLB pitchers vs. chess master?

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    PGA Tour : near-scratch :: NFL : rec league flag football

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    bottom line can Romo or Smoltz go low when they have to.....not hardly...They are darn near scratch, but they will shoot 78 more times than they will shoot 68...just about every TOUR pro can shoot 65 without breathing hard and they can do it two days in a row..Romo and Smoltz cant do that or they would be playing the Tour

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    Can't compare the two. Or to any other 2 sports imo.

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    And I'd put the top 32 basketball players above them.

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  • GHIN n JuiceGHIN n Juice Wingpointe GC...Never Forgotten Members  1883WRX Points: 317Posts: 1,883 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  edited Mar 7, 2020 12:20am #18 way. Basketball is not a more difficult sport. The court is smaller, there are fewer players on the field, it does not require as much precision as soccer and they play fewer games. Soccer players run at least 7 miles a game on a field roughly the size of a football field while playing offense and defense. There are only 2, 45 minute halves with no timeouts and only 3 subs...a game. Not to mention the game is played with their feet. They can reach top speeds of 20 miles an hour, stop on a dime and drop a 30 yard pass And hit someone in stride, or bend a shot 10 feet that hits a target roughly the size of a dinner plate in the top corner.

    Basketball is the least difficult sport mentioned.

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    Both sports require a lifetime of commitment to be successful. Football's entirely more taxing, which is why you don't often see guys outside of their early 30's playing professionally, but it's foolish to say that either one is less impressive than the other. The reason that a Brady or a Romo can be so good at golf is because they've already got that performance mindset - they've devoted their lives to knowing exactly how each muscle in their body works. Same as a Tiger or a Jack...those guys know exactly which muscles to fire in order to swing a golf club, just like Romo and crew can fire the exact right muscles to throw a football down field.

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    Big Ben or Romo could be a professional golfer (in theory). Justin or Rory could not play QB.

    There’s a very different physical requirement for the football player. It’s just a must have. You can be a great athlete, but if the physical attributes aren’t there (mainly size), it’s just not doable.


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    So many variables and ways to compare.

    I'm thinking of all the football players from junior high, to high school, to all divisions of college to pros and just coming through the sheer number of players, even just QBs once someone is on that track, to be an NFL QB is to be among the elite of the elite for athletes with all that is involved.

    I get how we all see pro golfers do stuff and think we can (and sometimes we can some things they can do) even though virtually all of us couldn't do what they do.

    I just laugh at people who think even for a second "I could do that" at the pro football level. By my definition of "hard" that is one **** hard job.

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    Much more painful being a QB. Physical danger. QBs are athletes. Some golfers are athletes, then there's Tim Herron and Luke Donald, for example.

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    Really? How bout kicking it 10 ft wide/high on half their shots on a target that is 24 ft wide? They do plenty of standing around too (especially the non midfielders). Guys hit dinner plate size targets for real (unlike soccer were you can miss slightly and likely still score) from 30-35 ft away with 6'6'-7'0" tall players jumping straight up 12-24 inches in front of them. Only 12 guys a team too, so definitely a lot harder to make in top level bball (NBA) vs soccer. See I can do it too...

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    Not really a good way to look at it. You took the best tour players (top 1/4) and compared them to the best and worst starting QBs in the league. It you want to compare all I would say something like all starting QBs vs top 125 (ie guarantee card guess sorta like starting) If you want to include backups QB, then include like Korn Ferry card winners and unconditional members. If you want to use the top 30 golfers then use like the top 7 or 8 QBs. Anyways my main point would be is that it is not really comparable.

  • straightshot7straightshot7 Members  3577WRX Points: 1,114Posts: 3,577 Titanium Tees
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    It doesn't sound like you guys defined the question very well to begin with.

    I see "harder" in the title, then "talent" and "skill" in the post.

    What exactly is the question?

    Which is harder to become? And be successful at the pro level? Or what?

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    It's a silly question. How many people play American Football in addition to their main sport? Rory is hardly going to rock up to his local team each Saturday he's not playing golf, look what he did to his ankle messing round playing football.

    I would work out how many adults play golf globally, compare that to how many have a valid Tour card (say the major tours) vs how many adults play American football, and how many make a living from it. That will tell you which is more difficult.

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    Q. Do you know why they don’t call hockey basketball?

    to answer the OP’s question, this is an impossible question. Who has more skill? I would say a QB simply because it is ever changing and more reliant on physical ability. Which is more difficult? I would think being a professional golfer is more difficult.

    A. Because it isn’t easy.

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    Soccer players can play one sport, soccer. Basketball players are the most complete athletes on the planet. I would argue tennis players are more complete athletes than soccer players.

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    Only one way to settle this...

    The Krypton Factor!

    swing is irrelevant, score is everything

    just say NO.... to practice swings
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    Aussie football players are the most complete... a few that failed to make it have had various success in the NFL as punters.


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