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    All Ping, even the bag. Although, I do have an affinity for Callaway fairway woods. If I carried a fairway wood right now, it would likely be something from Callaway.

    All Ping was intentional. I just like their stuff and it seems to fit me well.

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  • Colonel_SteelheadColonel_Steelhead OMembers  924WRX Points: 120Handicap: 2HiPosts: 924 Golden Tee
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    Ping G400 10.5,3W,5W (Eye 2 1,3,5)
    Ping Eye 2+no+ 3-SW, BeCu+ LW
    Ping 30th Anniversary Anser, Pat Pend. Anser 2
    Titleist Pro V1
  • dubbelbogeydubbelbogey Members  590WRX Points: 305Posts: 590 Golden Tee
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    I guess with 8 brands in my bag, I'm decidedly not a fan of any one make. I couldn't even think of one brand that I'd prefer if I was given a full set for free.

    I'm open for business - which OEM wants to donate a set and make me a fan boy?

  • MitchellMitchell Members  5681WRX Points: 530Posts: 5,681 Titanium Tees
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    In the past, have used up to six different brands in any single set-up. Currently using a set-up of all Titleist gear from various generations due to how nice several folks from the brand have been to me over the years. That being said, have been fortunate enough to acquire lots of nice gear and I am not opposed to changing to something that consistently works better for me.

    Titleist 910d3 9.5* (d4 surefit) Motore Speeder 7.2s
    Titleist 917f2 16.5* (c2 surefit) Motore Speeder 8.1s
    Titleist 819h1 19* (a2 surefit) Motore Speeder hb 8.8s
    Titleist 962b 3-pw s300
    Vokey sm8 raw S 54* s300
    Vokey sm8 raw M 60* s300
    Ping Zing2 BeCu 
  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX  15176WRX Points: 1,236Posts: 15,176 ClubWRX
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    I think the last time I had a one brand bag was seven or eight years ago. All Titleist. Now I think four or five different brands in there. If I were to go with a single brand again I think it might be Mizuno.


  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 IowaClubWRX  21479WRX Points: 5,447Posts: 21,479 ClubWRX
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    Me too. Was all Titleist a few years ago. Then went with used Callaway Legacy Blacks in '16 after Stenson won The Open, lol, and nothing has knocked them out. A couple Camerons have been on the bench for a few years, also, and finally found "the" next "it" putter for me, also in the used section, so to speak.

    Doubt if I'll ever be single brand again, but I've been sneaking peeks at Mizuno irons and even looked at some Pings.

    If and when I get to play this year will be treating myself to a Titleist wedge fitting, and my 913D2 has to go (just because there has to be something out there, right?). If there are shiny new irons lurking with a roadrunner-ish looking thing on them, they will be hit!

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  • iNeedMoreGolfiNeedMoreGolf RiMembers  344WRX Points: 156Handicap: 14Posts: 344 Greens
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    Im all callaway and i dont care who thinks what of it. Before cally i was all nike. I do think other brands bar taylormade (with the exception of there spider putter) are probably pretty good.

  • DrivingrangeheroDrivingrangehero Members  147WRX Points: 93Posts: 147 Fairways
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    I would say no. I’ve been more of a manufacturer hater in the past than fan boy. I pretty much disliked every club I’ve ever hit from Taylormade until the M1 Driver, and I currently think the SIM is the best driver in the market now, but besides a few clubs of theirs, I generally don’t like “most” of their products. I fail to see the attraction of the P790. People rave about them, and I’m baffled as to why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ each individual has their own taste I suppose!

    There are certain manufacturers that I like for specific clubs for some reason, while I may not like their other offerings.

    I have a mixed bag of manufacturers

    I like ping Drivers, they just work well for me, not a big fan of their hybrids or irons

    I like Callaway Hybrids, and their irons ok, but not a big fan of the Maverik to be honest.

    I like the Titleist utility irons, and thier woods ok, plus the Scotty Cameron putters, but not a fan of their iron sets generally.

    My last 4 sets of irons have been Mizuno, but I haven’t bought a set since 2006-7ish and still game the same old MP-67’s ..... still not a fan boy though. If I am in the market for new irons, (which I am) I hit other manufacturers, some major, some smaller.

    Wedges I’ve had Vokeys, Tour action Cleveland’s, and Mizuno’s I’ll shop for a couple of new ones when I buy a set.

    I like Ping Putters, I’ve had a few, but keep returning to the same one I had since 93? My Ping PAL 2

    I have had many throughout the years, and I’m always open to trying something different, I just gravitate toward certain things based on results ........🧐 or perhaps I’m projecting and influencing the results due to being blind to my own presuppositions.....hmmmm 🧐


  • DangerousDanDangerousDan Members  43WRX Points: 28Handicap: +2.0Posts: 43 Bunkers
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    I am guilty of it in a few areas.

    Hit Ball Far: Yup, Taylormade, I love and have loved their woods and hybrids for a long time. I have strayed for moments in the past but always end up back with them. (For example I just got my SIM 14 rocket and my SIM 19 HY will arrive Thursday. And you can bet you bottom dollar I will be playing a SIM driver this year, I just have to figure out which head).

    Hit ball medium far and kind of accurate: Nope, I am a free agent, have to admit I am pretty stoked for the Blueprints this year

    Hit ball high and close: Nope, I really haven't been in love with a wedge since the old school original Cleveland Reg. 588 black wedges. Hopeful for the Titleist SM8's this year

    Roll in on the ground: Yup, I am a Scotty Cameron lover through and through.


    TaylorMade SIM 9* Aldila Rouge 110 MSI - X

    TaylorMade SIM Titanium "Rocket" 14* Aldila ATX Tour 85 Green - TX

    TaylorMade SIM Max 19* Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 90 HY - TX

    Ping Blueprint 4-PW Project X - 6.5

    TaylorMade MG2 51* Project X - 6.5

    TaylorMade MG2 56* Project X - 6.5

    Edel 60* DVR Project X Satin - 6.5

    Toulon Atlanta Slant Neck StrokeLab 35"

    TaylorMade TP5 X (Testing 2020 TaylorMade TP5 and 2020 Bridgestone Tour BX)

  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_JapanMembers  6177WRX Points: 1,401Handicap: mePosts: 6,177 Titanium Tees
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    There are brands I try first for certain spots: Ping for the driver, and Mizuno for irons, and Callaway for wedges, but I don't tie myself to them.

    Driver: Ping

    Fairway woods: Taylormade

    Hybrid: RomaRo

    Irons: Mizuno

    Wedges: Cleveland

    Putter: Yonex (this changes a lot).

    Ball: Snell or Bridgestone

    Bag: Honma

    I was going to swap out one of my fairways for a Callaway Rogue, but I left the head behind in the UK.

    Driver: Ping G400 Tour 65S
    4w: TaylorMade R9 stock Fujikura Motore X flex
    7w TaylorMade V-steel, Quadra Fire Express RB 6SX
    Hybrid: RomaRo iBrid 23* Attas EZ 85S
    Irons (4i-PW): Mizuno MP4 Attas 115X 4-PW (+0.5")
    Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 Forged 52* and 58*, DGS400 (both at 35.5")
    Putter: Mac Jack Nicklaus Muirfield/Taylormade TPA XVIII/Wilson 8802

    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
  • Lip1337Lip1337 Members  604WRX Points: 58Posts: 604 Golden Tee
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    i mean, i came to cobra because i found a beautiful set of irons with the perfect shaft in it. after the set of irons UT, Hybrid, FWY and Driver was added... always loved cleveland wedges!

    Cobra Speedzone 10,5° PX EvenFlow Black 65 Handcrafted
    Cobra F7 3W 15,5° PX EvenFlow Black 75 Handcrafted
    Cobra King Utility 18° KBS C-Taper Lite 110 or Cobra F8 Hybrid 19° HZRDUS Black
    Cobra Forged Tec 4-PW KBS C-Taper 120
    Cleveland RTX 4 50/54/58 DG TI S400
    Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 Black, KBS CT-Tour 34,5'' Black, Flatcat Slim
    Bridgestone Tour BX
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  • bladehunterbladehunter south carolinaMembers  30917WRX Points: 7,191Handicap: NONEPosts: 30,917 Titanium Tees
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    OP. Ping will do that. I swear they got me literally 1 club at a time. Each thing I tried beat out what I was playing and then couldn’t be unseated. Yet. Lol. If you’re hitting it well. Roll with it.

  • crapulacrapula Golf! Members  2029WRX Points: 237Posts: 2,029 Platinum Tees
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    Yeah, everything in my bag is Srixon/ Cleveland. Even the bag is a Cleveland. Except the putter, that's a Bettinardi.

    Main reason is I was on staff with Srixon when I was a pro at a course.

    If I had it my way now, I'd only use the Srixon 3 wood and the Z Star XV.

    Probably go Mizuno irons, Callaway or Titleist wedges, no idea what driver (possible I'd stay with Z785).

    Srixon Z 785 9.5 Atmos Tour Spec Black 60X
    Srixon Z F85 15 Atmos Tour Spec Black 60X
    Srixon Z FORGED 3-4 Oban CT-115 X
    Srixon Z FORGED 5-PW Modus3 120 X
    Cleveland RTX4 Forged 50 DG 120 X
    Cleveland RTX4 54, 58 DG 120 X
    Bettinardi Queen B6
    Srixon Yellow ZStar XV
  • Golf64Golf64 Go Habs Go! Ontario, CanadaMembers  8430WRX Points: 463Handicap: ScotchPosts: 8,430 Titanium Tees
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    Full bag of Pings here. Hard to beat their CS, QC, fitting. I'm not a chrome guy, like the satin look better. Matte black vs. shiny.

    Super Bowl LII Champions
    Fly Eagles Fly!
  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members  6498WRX Points: 197Handicap: 19Posts: 6,498 Titanium Tees
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    Not fan boy, more OCD then anything. I prefer the look of all one bag of clubs from same manufacturer.

    TM M5 Tour 430 9 Mitsubishi Kai'li
    TM SIM Max 15 UST V2 66g
    TM SIM 19 Aldila RIP Alpha 6
    TM TP UDI 2 iron 18 UST Recoil 110
    TM GAPR Mid 4 iron 20 Fujikara Fuel
    TM GAPR Mid 5 iron 23 Aldila RIP 
    TM P790 6,7 Nippon Modus 3 130
    TM P790 Black 8-PW Nippon Modus 3 130
    TM xFT TP 50 Nippon Pro WV115
    TM Milled Grind Black Wedge 54 Nippon Pro Black WV115
    TM Milled Grind Satin 58 Nippon Pro WV115
    TM Rossa Ghost Tour AGSI+ FO-74

    I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.
  • JardJard Silver Spring, MDMembers  9WRX Points: 21Handicap: 13.6Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    Hi GGG!

    Don't think I'm a fanboi with 5 different brands in the bag, maybe soon-to-be 6 if I get along with a SiM driver.


    Ping G410+ - Evenflow Black 65 6.0
    Cobra F9 3W - Evenflow Black 75 6.0
    Ping G410 3H, 4H - Tensei CK Blue 80 S
    Srixon Z585 5-AW - PX LZ 5.5
    Vokey SM6 54, 58
    SeeMore FGP Mallet

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  • 4x4GGG4x4GGG Members  130WRX Points: 74Handicap: 15Posts: 130 Fairways
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    JARD!!!! Hola!

    I'm actually going back for a driver fitting and really going to try to avoid Ping, but who knows. If it works, it works?

  • forrester_fireforrester_fire Members  210WRX Points: 118Handicap: 11Posts: 210 Fairways
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  • red5standingbyred5standingby Members  109WRX Points: 31Handicap: 10Posts: 109 Fairways
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    Currently Callaway has the most spots with 9 clubs. 4-PW Epic irons and Rogue 3 & 5 fairway. Driver is the Sim, three Vokey wedges and a Bettinardi putter. Last season Callaway had the driver spot with the XR16 and putter with a Toulon Columbus. Bag is a Ping Hoofer. Ball varies but usually end up with a Srixon or Kirkland 4 piece when available.

  • Jeff58Jeff58 Bend OregonMembers  293WRX Points: 180Posts: 293 Greens
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    Though it’s been significantly tempered in recent years by the easy access to customization, brands do to some extent maintain a brand similarly across club types, and a consistency of feel, sound, and balance can be an advantage to the player.

    IMO Ping - with lighter swing weights, more bounce, cavity wedges, ‘Pingy’ feel and sound has maintained their’s better than most.

  • NollsterNollster ClubWRX  390WRX Points: 96Posts: 390 ClubWRX
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    Wouldn't say fanboy, but I am drawn to specific models of clubs -- not necessarily the brand...Ram Tour Grinds & Titleist 962Bs were irons I just HAD to have and still do. My current obsession is Adams tour stuff...Working on a set of MB2s, already have TI hybrids & CB2s plus some of their more classic FWs. Just can't seem to get enough of them! OK -- so maybe a little fanboy-ish...

    9.5* Mizuno ST190 GD AD DI-6(s)
    15* Mizuno ST190 TS GD AD DI-6(s)
    18* Adams Tight Lies Tour GD AD DJ-7(s)
    21* Adams DHy Proto Matrix White Tie(x)
    5-9 Adams CB2 KBS C-Taper 120 ss x2
    46* Vokey SM6 F-grind
    52* Vokey SM6 F-grind
    58* Vokey SM6 S-grind
    35" Odyssey Versa (Metal X insert) White-Black-White (tour issue)
    33" Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport
    34" Ping Redwood ZB PP-61 grip
    WITB Link
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  • AdamStoutjesdykAdamStoutjesdyk Venice FLMembers  163WRX Points: 119Handicap: +3.1Posts: 163 Fairways
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    8 Ping

    5 Taylormade

    1 Titleist or Fourteen Depending on the conditions for the day


    PXG XXF Prototype 9* Hzrdus Smoke Green Small Batch (Hulk PVD)70 6.5tx
    Titleist 915 FD 15 Aldila 2KNV 85TX Ion Plated
    Nike Vr Pro Ltd 18* Aldila RIP 90x
    Bridgestone Tour BX Blade 3-Pw Steelfiber 125S Hardstepped All irons bent 3* Weak
    Nike Vr Pro 56/14 60/10 True Temper Tour Issue S400
    Ping Anser 2x 34.5" Golf Pride Tour Classic
    Taylormade TP5 PIX

  • PingistheanserPingistheanser Columbus, OHMembers  338WRX Points: 222Handicap: 10Posts: 338 Greens
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    I ended up a Tommy Armour fanboy by accident. I was selected to test the Atomic irons and liked them, so I tried the VCG wedges. I liked those so I picked up an Atomic 5-wood and driver in the fall when they were on sale. So, now I sit here with an all TA bag except for my putter, which is an old Dunlop blade.

    I would say that Im a bit of a TA fanboy but for me its more the nostalgia of the brand name and the fact that they are great clubs that you can get a great deal on if you time it right. DSG/GG does sales all the time if you watch out for them.

    I also recently picked up a vintage set of TA 845s. Driver, 5-wood, 3-PW, SW and LW. So, yeah, I guess the fanboyism is in full effect.

  • 14max14max IllinoisMembers  229WRX Points: 80Posts: 229 Fairways
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    I've mostly played PING and Callaway since the beginning. I'm back to that now...


    Driver PING G400 SFT (10); Alta CB 55
    Wood PING G400 (15.5); Alta CB 65
    Hybrid PING G400 (22); Alta CB 70
    Irons PING G400 (6-9, W, U); Alta CB
    Wedges PING Glide 3.0 (54, 58); AWT 2.0
    Putter PING Vault Arna (35")

    Woods Callaway Big Bertha Warbird (12, 18, 24)
    Irons PING Eye2 (6-9, W, S)
    Putter PING Darby (35")

  • WarEagleGolfWarEagleGolf Members  432WRX Points: 101Posts: 432 Greens
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    Ping except for the wedges. Bag is a pioneer, wear a ping hat occasionally.

    I don't call fit being a fan boy, I call it brand loyalty. Third set of ping irons. First gen of woods though, took a custom shaft fitting and now I'd never use anything else.

    PING G400 LST Fujikura XLR8 51 9.0*
    PING G400 Fujikura XLR8 61 16.5*
    PING i500 3-PW KBS C-Taper Lite 110g
    Edel 52*/46* TRP C-Taper Lite 110g
    Edel 58* DVR C-Taper Lite 110g
    PING Vault Anser2
  • reider69reider69 Members  646WRX Points: 114Handicap: golfPosts: 646 Golden Tee
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    Driver and irons are Mizuno. Wedges are Ping and Callaway. Hybrids are Taylormade and Cobra. Have 4 different putters. I am a Mizuno iron fanboy but everything else in bag is subject to change to another brand at any moment. I have owned many other sets of irons but need that certain feel so will always come back to Mizuno.

    Mizuno ST190 - Kuro Kage Silver Tini 70X
    Cobra BioCell+ - Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 X
    Cobra BioCell 3-4 Hybrid - Aldila Rogue Black 85 X
    Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 4-G, KBS C Taper Lite X
    Ping Glide Stealth 2.0 - 54 and 58 - Modus 105X
    Callaway Xforged - 64 degrees
    Lajosi DD201 Proto

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