Getting MP-14 to modern spec

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I recently picked up a set of MP-14's 3-PW standard loft and lie. I currently game MP-25's standard loft, 1 degree up right. I wanted to ask if my bending them to current lofts will change the bounce angles so much that this will effect the play of them. if this is the case would it be better to play the 9 iron as a PW and 8 as a 9 and so on? Thanks for the help in advance! Here's a few pics of the 4-PW.



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    You are going to add to the offset that already exists.

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    Gotcha so you would recommend playing to 9 as a PW and changing loft as little as possible?

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    I have not looked at specs, but how much was the plan to bend them? if its within 2* just do it.



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    MP 14 Original specs are as follows:

    3- 23

    4- 26

    5- 29

    6- 32

    7- 36

    8 - 40

    9- 45

    pw- 50

    I have a set but bent pw and nine to 48 and 43 degrees ( MP 29 loft specs) and it works. Have another set that I play at the “Original “ lofts. I actually prefer the old lofts better due to ease of launch. MP 14 have a fairly low CoG ( for a blade) and launch higher (again relatively speaking). If you bend them strong you will increase the offset. MP 29 s were made this way with more short iron offset and less long iron offset. Those are fantastic blades you have.

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    Those are pretty good loft specs as is, they're just one club weaker than modern clubs. Just bend the lie angle to fit you if necessary.

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    I have actually, due to this thread, pulled both my sets of 14’s off the rifles and tour concepts to fit them into either recoils or Paderson’s to test. The current gamers are MP 29’s so two degrees strong. May bend the one set back to the original lofts and try em out and then adjust lofts as needed.

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    Leave them at the loft they were designed for and gap at the top, would be my advice.

    Bending adds bounce and offset, forget about an arbitrary number on the bottom of the club, and figure out what your distances are for those set of sticks.

    Modern lofts are about 1 club difference than what you have there (in the Mizuno lineup anyways) so it should be a quick process to find where your at on distances.

    My last set (I just sold WRX classifieds) were traditional lofts (Mizuno MP-67’s) to fill the gap up top, I got a utility iron (Titleist 716 T-MB) . You may need 2 new wedges since you already have an AW lofted PW by modern standards (if there is such thing as a modern standard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I’d suggest a 54 and 58 degree wedge, that would keep your gapping consistent!

    My 2 cents anyways! 👍


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