The pga missed the boat with this virus

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They could have done 2v2 matches or 1v1 like the old shells world of golf shows.

No need for 40 cameras. Have cameras along with the players and mic them up. Give complete access via mics and it would dominate the sports world.

Could easily pull players in or make it a charity event for research.



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    Harder to put together without going over the 10 person limit to even try. I think at this point with the attention on how many people are being affected, the PGA wants no part of trying to put things on while people are suffering.

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    On the other side it would give folks something to watch and be a benefit for both sides. It’s safer to be outside and you wouldn’t need a whole production crew for 4 people.

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    Producing watchable golf is a lot harder than in looks and requires a lot of people. Could they do it, sure. It’s a tough spot though with every other league cancelling.

    part of me thinks they should go to the desert and set up a course and do a bunch of matches. On the other hand I’m not sure they want the potential back lash that could come from that.

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    The "pga" has nothing to do with this! The PGA Tour is the commercial enterprise which runs a TV sports based reality show. They're only purpose on the planet is to sell advertising . . . otherwise how would we know what kind of luxury cars and ED medicines to buy?

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    Being outside is good. Being inside a crowded production truck, not so good.

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    Just be thankful that will all the problems in the world that you only have to worry about the fact that there is no live golf to watch on TV. It can be, and is, a lot worse for a lot of people.

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    Edit: never mind.

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    That makes sense. You could bring in lots of new viewers and demographics in right now and golf has some of the best personalities out there.

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    2 players - mic'd up

    1 cameraman with trackman behind players

    1 cameraman in landing zone/green area

    Commentator if used virtually from home

    Piece of cake 4 guys. I would have loved to watch the JT/Rickie left handed match like this. Sort of like a fancy internet Vlog.

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    It's called YouTube mate. Just put a .com behind it and it will blow your mind.

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    Actually, wouldnt mind seeing Tiger vs Fowler, 2 club tournament from Fla........with just their cell phones recording each others shot...........definitely doable but not likely

    Im sure we will start to see videos of these guys and what they are doing to stay in shape. Home gyms, simulators, etc.......

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