Problem with my new set of i-506, PX 5.5

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Added distance....sometimes
So I've got my new Srixon i-506 irons and I really like them. I can give a review later because I have a problem and I think its the shafts. When I hit the P-7 irons, I'm adding quite a bit of distance. About a full club on the P and 9, and about half club on the 8 and 7. That's great! But here's the problem, it seems like my longer irons, especially the 4 and 5, are not getting the same added distance. The ball seems to fly off the face, get out a ways and then drop out of the sky. The in air distance seems shorter than my old irons.

I was fitted for the PX 5.5 shafts at .75 over(I'm 6'1") and the fit feels great. This is only .25 inch over my old set and my instructor has told my to move my left hand down on the grip so the pad is not on/over the edge. So the result is that the playing length is almost exactly the same as my old clubs.

I'm not crazy about the feel of the PX, but I can deal with it. Swing speed on a driver has always been 100-108mph.

Any thoughts?


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    Too little spin on the PX and the loft is most likely the problem

    You might just be not used to the crazy strong loft . I personally could not get used to strong loft too thats why im stuck with mizuno's and bridgestones.

    The loft on the srixon is very strong . try bending them weaker. . you should be able to bend them 2 deg without effect in grind performance.Use PX 2 HL on long irons is also better coz you are not the first who complain ball dropping out of the sky.

    Go back to the person who fits you ! He should be responsible in getting things right the first time.
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