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Anyone have any feedback or comparisions with a GD YS-6+ Stiff shaft? I have the opportunity to buy on a J33R 460 head for a good deal. How does it launch and what type of spin does it produce?

I hit the NV 65-S on the same head nad had pretty good #'s (SS 105 mph, ball speed 152 mph, LA 12*, Spin 3000)

The NV felt a little loose, not as controlled as the Grafalloy PL 65-S

Any comments appreciated.



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    The YS-6 shaft rewards SMOOTH swingers, and may be a bit too soft for your liking, especially if you think the NV is "loose". The NV is a fairly stiff tip shaft, and the YS-6 is much, much softer in the tip.

    My suggestion would be to re-shaft that club with something stiffer that will react better with your swing. I think the YS-6 may be too noodly for you. Having said that........I LOVE the feel of the YS-6, but it does need to be properly tipped and the right flex for you. It's a shaft more for a smoother swinger.
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    Any comments on the spin rate produced by the YS-6+ (stiff)? Does this shaft play similar to the NVS 65?

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    I think ys 6 is better than nvs personally. Yes they are pretty close.

    without tipping its very high launch high spin. with 2 inch tipping its Mid high launch and mid low spin.
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    YS-6+ plays closer to NVS-65S than NV-65S or between the NVS & NV.

    Per Golfworks.....


    weight - 67 grams, bend point - mid\high, tip stiffness - medium\firm, torque - 3.5*, parallel tip section - 3"


    weight - 67 grams, bend point - mid, tip stiffness - medium, torque - 3.6*, parallel tip section - 3"


    weight - 66 grams, bend point - mid, tip stiffness - medium\firm, torque - 3.5*, parallel tip section - 3.5"

    Due to the firmer tip of the YS6+ launch angle and spin rate should be slightly lower than the NVS-65S but higher than the NV.

    You mentioned the NV-65 felt loose. If you have a swinger tempo then the NVS or YS-6+ may work for you. If you have more of a hitter tempo then the NVS and YS-6+ may not be good candidates unless heavily tipped.

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