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i need help
guys, i need your help. i am a very good golfer however i have always had putter problems. it is not my stroke so much as i can not line the ball up at the hole. i have tried a line on the ball and it does not work. are there any putters out there that have good top lines that help you line the putter up better. thanks for your help


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    i have the same problem. i have a 2-ball and for a while it worked but every other week i just cannot see where i am aiming. i have tried drawing a line on it and other things but nothing works
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    Several alignment enhanced putters: Odyssey, Rifle, taylormade, etc.

    I can relate. Something you might try that worked for me: getting fitted for your putter.

    Something that helped me was shortening my putter so that my eyes were over the ball- - - kind of back to the basics.

    Another tip I got from the pro, was a practice tip - - Three putts in this order: Stroke the ball with Eyes on hole, eyes closed, eyes on ball. Start at three feet (straight putt) until all three puts are made in a row, then increase distance to 6 feet until all 3 puts are made. Move to another location and repeat, etc.

    I found it amazing how well I putted when looking at the hole and even with my eyes closed. Sometimes I stroke the ball while looking at the hole

    in actually play - - certainly keeps the head still and on long putts great distance control.

    Hope this helps
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    I think putting down a chalk line and using a laser to see work on where you are aiming vs. where you think you are will help.
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    this is the reason i went to the rossa monza center shaft putter. the other one I liked was the big ben center shaft.

    you can find them cheap on ebay now...
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    try taking 2 of your long irons place them down so that your putter only has room to take your stroke then stroke your putter with out hitting the clubs. Now put a tee about 3 feet in front of the irons hit the tee 5 times in a row the move the tee 6 feet in front of the irons and do the same , this will help your stroke and your distance controle
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