Futura weights

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Is there a way I can tell If a weight is epoxied on or uses an allan wrench?




    For sure, I used both back in the day...

    On the bottom, you can see a hole and the small allen bolt on the changeable ones. It's usually to one side and the bolt goes through at an angle so as it is tightened, it puts a small amount of pressure on the side of the putter to hold it in place. The others are completely smooth on the bottom.

    It's that simple...

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    I have the set **** version on my Futura right now. I can take a pic later if you need to see what it looks like.
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    that sounds great. I just hope I can get the weight out without having to spend anything

  • Rich71691Rich71691 Enough? Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,957
    I know this doesn't sounds smart but I looked it over and realized that it was glued in, so I got my hammer and a screwdriver and hamered 3 times, very softly, and it came out. now I am happy. no marks on the putter.
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