scotty cameron for lefty

SpillySpilly Posts: 196 ✭✭
i am going to buy a newport or newport 2 putter, but i am a lefty so i am limited. would you reccomend a old pro platinum or a studio style? thanks


  • tei3rntei3rn Members Posts: 351
    I would suggest you find an old gun blue or oilcan finish for a better feel...
  • dags27dags27 Members Posts: 888 ✭✭
    Oil Can finish to is more softer, the Pro Platinum has a crisp feeling.
  • kavnetkavnet Lefty Boomers Posts: 62
    I gather you are looking for a low maintenance finish which is why you picked these particular models?

    If you want a newport you can only go a Pro Platinum Mil Spec which is available in a 36/320g, 35/330g, 34/340g or a 33/350g head, or if you want a NP2 headshape you can use either a Pro Platinum NP2 or a studio style.

    Personally i think it depends on your preference for the head style, the studio style is a softer feeling putter than the pro platinum.
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