Blade putters vs Mallet/Semi Mallets

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I've noticed that in the PGA that blade putters dominate over mallets probably 80% blades vs 20% mallets,maybe more.

But in the Champions Tour and the LPGA mallets are more popular. I don't know the ratio but will GUESS 60% blade vs 40% mallets maybe even closer to 50/50, especially in the LPGA.

Wonder why?
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    Someone reply to this. I use an ole John Daly putter...personally don't care for it and I am thinking of moving to a blade.
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    The answer is simple. Chicks can't putt. image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':help:' />
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    Truth be told, I'm extremely impressed with the short game displays put on by the women of the LPGA, including putting. I think the biggest reason that you will see more mallets, neo-mallets, and high-moi putters on the LPGA is that these women are, for the most part, less tied to contracts then their male counterparts, or minimally are less inclined to play to their ego, and use what works. I think pitbull808's pictures from the Fields Open this past January REALLY opened my eyes to that. LPGA players seem more likely to use equipment most likely to put the ball in the hole. This doesn't mean they all play Big-Bertha irons--but they are playing a lot less blades and you would be hard-pressed to find an 8802-style putter out there. They just seem more concerned with putting the ball in the hole. Even if that means that they have to use the 3-Ball SRT to do it (as per the Women's US Amature Champion).

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    Interesting observation. I think I'd have to agree. Most men seem too tied to their ego or esthetic preferences to make intelligent choices with regards to equipment. I'm a classic example, I played blades as a teen-handicapper for a few years hoping they'd help make me better. D-uh!

    But then again, I've stared down at some really ugly stuff in my day and thought, "how the heck am I gonna hit this?" I'd like to think I've gotten over that now and found good looking sticks that I can play and not just pose.

    Putting's just so personal that whatever works for you might not work for anyone else. Unless you want to start a collection, find out what works for you and stick with it.
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    Echoing some of the things mentioned already, feel is a big part of it, weight might be another as mallet putters typically weight more than blades. That is generalizing but by and large what Pros use on tour is not what we can purchase and their weights are custom, suspecting they add much more than what stock blade putters offer. I personally like the heavier putters and mallets for me are the way to go for stroke consistency. Also keep in mind the precision of the Pro player, like anything else that is less forgiving like a forged iron blade, they can handle things amateurs fall short with.....$0.02

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    I think a mallet gives people more confidence. It's bigger and seems more forgiving. And the newer designs have higher moi, so they are more resistant to twisting.

    Personally, I like an Anser style in a weight that is balanced more to the heftier side. One gets the benefits of a heavier weight - less handsy stroke and more MOI while retaining heel-toe forgiveness and the sleek look.

    At 34 inches, a 350-360g putterhead with some backsweighting in the grip gives you a nice overall weight to help quiet the hands and more resistance to twisting while retaining feel.

    A custom putter like TP Mills, a Slighter or a modified Scotty; or a variable weight Anser style like the Yes Dianna or MacGregor Bobby Grace M1 and M2 with weight kit are some to consider if you want this type of balance.
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    If a blad is weighted just right I don't see how you can EVER go wrong with the feel of an 8802...I'll never forget the feel of a Titleist 100 balata coming off the face of a blade...TOUGH to duplicate!!
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