Ogio Vision SS Golf Bag 6 month review

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I have to tell you I was a little sceptical when I first bought this bag. But the technology was to cool to not try it. I carry 13 clubs in my bag as well the other normal accessories. I have to tell you that the "SHLING" strap is probably the Best thing out there. I am 5'11 180lbs athletic build, it takes a little tinkering with the sizing adjustments but once you get the right combination you are set. VERY COMFORTABLE. The Woodie Club management system is awsome. There is a wet pocket inside the bag to put wet clothes into.

A couple things that I'm not overly crazy about is the Zipperless ball pocket, if your bag is in the trunk or getting bumped around the balls will sometimes fall out. (minor issue) Also the handle that you grab onto when you lift it in and out of your trunk broke on me. The store I bought it from said that Ogio requires you to send in your bag so the recommended that I wait till the end of the golf season to do so. (minor issue).

All in all the Shling strap MAKES THIS BAG. I Absolutely LOVE IT!!


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    I bought this same bag and re-sold before it ever made on to a course. THE single best thing about this bag is the Woode system, not the Shling harness. I wish more bags used the Woode system.

    Other than that, the bag itself is very heavy and therefore everything felt heavy even with the Shling. The zipperless ball pocket didn't work very well. I hated where they put the ball silo; the rest of the pockets didn't seem very ergonomic at all.

    There was messy stitching throughout the bag. The fact that the trunk handle already broke on you doesn't speak well for the overall build quality of this bag. Definitely not worth the $229.99 plus tax they're asking for it.

    I'm just sitting by patiently waiting for Nike to release its Sasquatch Tour Carry bag - that bag looks like it's money.
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    I also sold mine before making it to the course. The vaporlite is a nice light bag. Great straps too. Plus it's 1/3 the cost on sale.
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    Does anybody know if ogio will be selling the Shling strap itself. I really like the bag I am using Titleist/Sun Mountain but a Shling would make it amazing.
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    sstrool wrote on Sep 1 2006, 07:51 PM:

    Does anybody know if ogio will be selling the Shling strap itself. I really like the bag I am using Titleist/Sun Mountain but a Shling would make it amazing.

    The Shling's not all it's cracked up to be . . . problem is you have ONE place to grab it by (which is the handle) and you have to hold it there with one hand while trying to manuever it onto your shoulders . . . which is do-able for most but it can be problematic for some.

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