Boo Weekley's Mossy Oak rain pants

I want a pair of Mossy Oak rain pants like Boo Weekley wears. Where can I find them?


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    You might want to try Cabela's or any other Hunting and Fishing Supply Store
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    I have looked at a number of hunting and fishing websites. I have looked on Mossy Oak's website as well. Boo's rainpants are a little different. They are tan(not camo), have Mossy Oak written at the bottom of the legs, have belt loops, and real pockets. I would like to have a pair to play golf in the fall and winter. I think they would be more comfortable than a regular pair of pants.
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    I would call them and ask...I am assuming that they are specialy made with the logo down the side and what not.

    MAIL: Mossy Oak Apparel Company

    3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 600

    Atlanta, GA 30339

    PHONE: 1-800-331-5624

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Boo wears them for some sort of charity maybe do a google search for Boo Weekley + Mossy oak.

    I am a hunter myself so I have always been a big fan of players like Boo, Fuzzy, and DL III who are all hunters also...I am sure there are others on tour I just know of those three.

    Dove season just started here this weekend so I am spening less time on the course and more in the field.
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