Will Nickent get a bump like Sonartec?

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Petrovich used a Nickent?

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    The nickent is awesome!! My favorite club right now.
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    i haven't owned/hit a Nickent but they make nice products. i have only owned 1 Sonartec club since I've been with Taylor Made & that was a TRC which was awesome. i just don't think that Nickent has the #'s to roll out Sonartec but we will see, their products are well made & look simple which is a biggie with better players as i know i like the simple plain look.
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    Have a 17° with an NV 105-X Hybrid. Feels like an iron when I hit it...very solid. Can knock it down or hit the high cut with minimal effort. Only the Sonartec is comparable in feel and performance, though the MD hits on a lower trajectory. For the money, best hybrid value on the market IMHO.
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    Does this club have a tendency to miss left? violently left???
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    Anyone try one of their fairway woods?

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