Vail golf

Going to be in Vail for a few days and will have some free time while my wife is at a conference for work.

Any course recommendations? I've never been to the area so I'm not familiar with any of the surrounding towns. I'll have a rental car so access won't be a problem.

Not trying to spend a fortune but I'll splurge a bit if it's a must-play.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thx!


  • stevesnisstevesnis Members Posts: 247
    No one here has played any golf in Vail? Anyone??? Bueller???

  • John KreeseJohn Kreese Members Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Beaver Creek, Cordillera, and Red Sky...nice but a bit on the expensive side. I think there's a cheaper course in Eagle Vail (between Vail and Avon).
  • coloradosproutcoloradosprout Members Posts: 176
    Sonnenalp, Beaver Creek, Eagle Ranch, Vail Golf Club are some (in order) that are decent. Public golf in the Valley is average. No harm in contacting Red Sky to see if you can get on.
  • stevesnisstevesnis Members Posts: 247
    Thanks for the replies! Ended up at Vail golf club. Had a chance to play Beaver Creek but the timing didn't work out. Appreciate the tips!
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