2011 PGA Show - Scotty Cameron Day 2 and 3 Pics



  • volcanoboy74volcanoboy74 ClubWRX Posts: 78
    What gets me is the prices people pay and sell the headcovers for. To each his own, it just doesnt make much sense to me.
  • SwagginAP2SwagginAP2 Members Posts: 214
    HOLY BUCKETS, this got me thinking, what is the most expensive putter out there?

    Is $16K the highest? I am sure there are some that are more but why?
  • Super Bomber Man Super Bomber Man Members Posts: 94
    16K for a putter? man_in_love.gif
  • Super Bomber Man Super Bomber Man Members Posts: 94
    Cool pictures though, thanks for sharing!
  • wmubronco30wmubronco30 Members Posts: 55
    a lot of those putters are just downright hideous. And how in the **** is a putter worth 16k? If anyone paid that much for a piece of milled steel they should be smacked across the face and have their credit card revoked. lol
  • oscarpepperoscarpepper Members Posts: 412
  • coozapaloozacoozapalooza Members Posts: 1,299 ✭✭
    The headcovers are mind numbing to me as well. It seems the cheaper I think one is going to be, the more it is.
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  • wvdadwvdad Members Posts: 15
    edited Jun 22, 2011 #69
    You guys realize that there are postage stamps going for more money than those putters? What about 30 cents worth of polymers that titleist sells for 45 bucks a dozen. Whats a Bugatti cost? You guys are a hoot

    I just bought my 16 year a Newport 2 for his birthday. He was more excited about a 300 dollar putter than he was a getting his drivers license.
  • georgiaboygeorgiaboy paralysis by analysis Members Posts: 327 ✭✭
    not trying to argue with you i agree with most all of what you said, but Bugatti actually lost money and a lot of it on all the Veyrons they sold. Crazy as that may be.
  • Matt_AttackMatt_Attack Members Posts: 241
    I'm sure there are people who sink more putts with a 90 dollar ping than the 700 dollar scotty....

    just saying
  • gjolivergjoliver Members Posts: 224
    absurd prices, really beautiful putters though.
  • drswaindrswain D Swain Members Posts: 53
    Mr. Cameron is an artist! The prices may seem absurd but so does the $350 for the new California series. I'm not going to lie though, I love scotty putters. Not only are they beautiful but they are weighted greatly and have phenomenal feel. As for the asking prices on the putters at the show....seems like they might be fare. I'm pretty sure I saw handcrafted on most of those and it seems the majority of them are one of a kind. As for the Picasso comment....I think that's actually a good analogy. Picasso of course being on a completely different level, but would you not consider Mr. Cameron a master craftsmen of his trade and indeed an artist? So...Scotty is at the forefront of putter making as a phenomenal putter maker and has a high reputation and demand. Would it not be reasonable to say that a handcrafted painting by Picasso would sell for much more than a production reprint? And seemingly so, a handmade, one of a kind, Scotty would sell for much more than a manufactured putter. I think people that get these don't even let them see a golf course, they are collectors items and probably will be enshrined in a lighted cabinet somewhere. I respect both sides. I understand why they are priced that high, and I feel for the people that can't stand the fact that they are outrageously high priced. And I thought the putter covers on ebay were high?!! I for one will probably never own a putter like these or be able to afford one. But given the opportunity, I could see myself purchasing one of these timeless works of art from a true golf club making legend. But I can understand I guess. Who would by a painting by Picasso either? After all...it is just a painting.
  • nikegolfer1983nikegolfer1983 Members Posts: 2,073 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    These are some sick looking putters. I was able to meet Jeff Butler who owns Table Rock this past summer, very nice guy
  • TerminatorXTerminatorX Members Posts: 19
    luvthegame wrote:

    So these putters are for us average golfers....haha! I guess if you can afford it, they would be nice to have. But, I could buy 1000 putters for the price of the one! Can you imagine buying it and then having it not work!!! Argh!

    This young'n believes in the ol saying, "Its the indian, not the arrow." But i do believe in preference... if guess if buying a putter you have to take a loan out for makes you happy.....
  • BlackOutZingBlackOutZing Members Posts: 548 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I was looking for something in my price range the whole time scrolling. Little bit of drool on my iPad.

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