Are Microfiber Towels Worth It?

The title suggests what I'm asking about.. not really wanting to spend $15-30 on a new towel, but I will if it's worth it. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything's welcome.

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  • dunndunn Members Posts: 6,362 ✭✭
    Yeah they are pretty nice......dont dry out as fast and hold more water I think
  • gocanucksfan123gocanucksfan123 Members Posts: 135
    do they wipe out dirt more easily than cotton ones?
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  • MountainKingMountainKing Members Posts: 1,588 ✭✭
    For your car they're worth every penny, I can't see spending that to wipe my clubs when a standard white cotton towel does just fine.

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  • cleanfreakcleanfreak Members Posts: 712 ✭✭
    JCpenny--$5 for a large bath towel in white. No need for anything more.
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  • Fourmyle of CeresFourmyle of Ceres Unregistered Posts: 7,829 ✭✭
    During the summer I use microfiber washcloths that cost a buck-something a piece at the discount store. They do a better job of blotting sweat off my hands and keep my grips somewhat un-slick.

    Otherwise I use plain cotton hand towels. I have a couple of the Club Glove brand waffle-weave microfiber towels and they really do work better. They dislodge dirt more quickly (they're actually just a bit coarse) and if you happen to get caught in the rain they can blot up an enormous amount of water.

    But for regular use they're just too big, too heavy and they're expensive enough I worry about losing one and being out 20 bucks. I use the old, faded hand towels from around the house. Every year or two we buy a new batch and the old ones become my golf towels. Effectively zero cost.
  • EricZ116EricZ116 Members Posts: 306
    Just grab a towel or two next time you stay at a hotel and there you go.
  • KDMullinsKDMullins Members Posts: 3,392 ✭✭
    In a word, yes.
  • I_HATE_SNOWI_HATE_SNOW Members Posts: 3,322 ✭✭
    HOw about the "cool" towels? Do they work well?
  • DJ412DJ412 Members Posts: 1,611 ✭✭
    Microfiber - My wife got me a really nice personalized Players Towel and it is a really nice towel for cleaning clubs and keeping grips/hands dry. Albeit there are cheaper alternatives. It does get into the grooves and numbers in the sole nicely.

    Cooling - Again my wife bought me a cooling towel and it works great as long as its wet. Mine, which I believe is the Frogg Togg brand, dries out kind of quickly in extreme heat (90+ degrees). But a quick rinse in a sink or water fountain brings it right back to life.
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  • mcmanusmcmanus Members Posts: 466
    The only reason I use a "expensive" micofibre golf towel is because I received it as a gift... prior to that I used the Costco microfibre cloths. They carry them year round (at least a my local costco) and are like $10 for 20? something like that and come in blue/yellow mixture.

    The only downfall to the Costco microfibres is size, they are not a standard towel size. I would usually carry 2 with me and swap it out at the turn.

    The main difference between the towel I use now and those microfibres is that the golf towel has a different texture which makes it really easy wipe off the grooves. The costco microfibres got the job done but I would have to apply pressure and do multiple wipes.
  • mljones99mljones99 Members Posts: 1,844 ✭✭
    my buddy is a professional auto detailer and he gets microfiber buy the boatload from various auto detailing supply websites.

    i personally have 2.. a players towel with the slit in the middle that I got from TPC Myrtle Beach and a slightly smaller one without the slit from Pinehurst. Great towels
  • PeanutsDaddyPeanutsDaddy Members Posts: 8,659 ✭✭
    I purchased a Club Glove microfiber towel from Golfsmith two weeks for $16.99. The package contained large and small towels. Not only do they retain water, but I use the small towel to clean my glasses.
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  • goodoldgusgoodoldgus Members Posts: 112
    I purchased these at the beginning of the summer. The price is reasonable and the size is perfect.
  • trumb1mj1trumb1mj1 Members Posts: 1,390 ✭✭
    I got a club glove one when I participated in a tourny a while back. I love the thing but I'm not sure I'd notice the difference between this towel and a "normal" one?
  • ckkoneckkone Members Posts: 194
    Harbor freight sells micro fiber towels cheap if your looking for them... Have to say say now that there is a thread about towels I've seen it all.
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  • hoosiervolunteerhoosiervolunteer Members Posts: 883
    It's a towel. The differences in the performance of wiping dirt off steel will go unnoticed.
  • KDMullinsKDMullins Members Posts: 3,392 ✭✭
    The wiping the dirt off clubs is really secondary. Let's face it, you can do that with a paper towel. Where the microfiber towels shine is the ability to retain water without drying out and without being sopping wet and becoming very heavy.
  • cyi1cyi1 Members Posts: 120
    I usually lightly dampen a micro fiber towel before every round for removing any kind of dirt, grass, or debris on the club face. With a normal towel I feel like I have to try and dig into the grooves to get stuff out
  • gocanucksfan123gocanucksfan123 Members Posts: 135
    Would one of those microfiber kitchen towels work? I guess its more or less the same thing?
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  • tradpltradpl Members Posts: 237
    This is a joke thread, right?
  • bdirtybdirty Of Questionable Intelligence Members Posts: 101
    EricZ116 wrote:

    Just grab a towel or two next time you stay at a hotel and there you go.

    You mean steal not grab.
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  • TexMex36TexMex36 Unregistered Posts: 1,018
    I don't care what anyone says, my Players Towel was worth every penny. I play in pretty dry conditions and it holds water great in this Texas heat. It also does wonders cleaning out my grooves.
  • MB DirtyyMB Dirtyy Members Posts: 645 ✭✭
    If you play in the heat, I'd say yes. In the summer, ill soak one end of a towel to wipe down clubs and it doesnt dry out for an entire round.
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