I feel like an idiot!

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Some one help me!
Here is my problem...please don't make fun of me....

I was at second swing the other day and picked up a really old T.P. Mills spalding putter. I thought I would try to refinish it myself. I buffed out all the dings (by hand, with took forever) and went to get a gun blueing kit. I followed all the steps until it was time for me to put the bluing oxide on. Well, this club is made of stainless steel, and nothing happend. Now I am out some money and still don't have a nice finish on this putter that I have put plenty of time into. Any Ideas?


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    Send it back to David Mills (tpmills.com) or Tom Slighter (slightergolf.com) and have it refinished!

    I know there a couple others out there, but those 2 would be at the top of my list to get a TP Mills refinished.

    Good luck and we've love to see some before and after pics.
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    Ok...well thanks...but I am trying to do this myself. The point was not to just send it away.
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    No need to feel like an idiot. It is hit and miss on what TP Mills putters will take a bluing and which ones won't. I did the EXACT same thing as you did. Thankfully, I was only in mine like $3 or something goofy. Stripped the black off, polished out as much as I could of the bag dings, and went to apply the blue...............Nada **** thing happened. Funny thing was that I had done this on the same model of putter, not 6 months prior. I have heard everything from, "Dummy, that putter is stainless steel" to "You just didn't get all the melonite(SP?) off of the blade first". Whatever the cause, some will and some won't take the blue.

    I can't recall the model that you were working on and don't have that post in front of me. Drop me a note at [email protected] and I'll see if I have any in the box 'o' goodies that I can send you. I know that I have a couple that are almost ready to blue and not doing anyone any good in my garage.

    As far as the one you have that won't take the blue, heck, polish it up, put a satin look to the topline, reshaft and play it. They are one of the nicest feeling putters that you can find for the small price they usually sell for. Is your a Roman numeral model or just a number?

    Let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.


    LaMont in AZ
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