Anyone want to play Glacier Club in Durango??

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Will be heading up possibly for Labor Day to play. I have 3 spots available if there are folks that want to join me. Cost is $40/person.

If interested pm me and we can firm things up.
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  • puttnforthe8puttnforthe8 Members Posts: 2,766 ✭✭
    Kinda surprised here: It is my understanding that Glacier club is a very nice course.

    Is there just no golfers in Durango? Is the course not as good as I perceive it to be?

    Any input would be welcome.
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    Depends on the condition...the course is amazing! My brother used to work there and I've played the course a fair bit...if it's in good shape, $40 is a steal!!! If I were down that way, I'd be all over it!
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