Question about a Rossa

axeman310axeman310 Jr. Boomers Posts: 167
Is it a tour model?
I was at my local golf shop that sells a lot of used stuff and I found a Rossa that I've never seen before (i.e. not listed on TM site or shops like It was a modena model in a brownish finish with an AGSI insert without the AGSI stamp. I'm not quite sure how exactly to tell a tour Rossa but this one seems to fit with what I've heard about tour ROSSA's on these boards. Can anybody provide some input on this, because if it's a tour putter, the price they have it at can't be beat.


  • tlink2631tlink2631 Charter Members Posts: 77
    With the tour Rossa's that I've had most with the 3x black finish were tour only and some were maked on sole with no numbers...There were also alot of different neck styles and grips...The agsi with no marking may be from the tour van or early proto.
  • Putt4dohPutt4doh Charter Members Posts: 1,427
    I was also told (via another site) that mosf of the TM tour putters were heavier. The retails are supposed to swing weightaround D1/2. If it's tour it'll swingweight heavier.
  • RangeRatRangeRat Members Posts: 72

    I can't tell you if it's tour issue or not (though I suspect it might be as I've inquired with TM about the availability of a Modena with the agsi insert - they said "no."), but I've been looking for one of these. How much were they asking for it, if you don't mind me asking?


  • MR.PINCHYMR.PINCHY Members Posts: 722
    AGSI face with NO AGSI stamp on it?

    that's gotta be a tour model, or even early proto as mentioned..
  • axeman310axeman310 Jr. Boomers Posts: 167
    They were charging the same as the regular AGSI Rossa's: about 130 or 120.

    If I hadn't just gotten a new Scotty I'd definately pick it up.
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