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I enjoy doing these a lot. I know the bag isnt the coolest or filled with the latest and greatest. The putter tends to do the most change but I may have found a decent keeper.

All clubs except putter have red or white Pure Pro grips.

Driver- Cobra F8+ Driver w/ Fujikura Pro

The milled face is really cool. I was also lucky enough to get a Nardo Gray. It honestly took a while to get a shaft that fit. It was launching high and spinning like a top but I got it figured out!

3 Wood- Adams Super LS w/ Matrix Red Tie

This may be the most tenured club. I bought it for like $30 bucks. I didnt even notice that it was a not for resale shaft until I got home. When hit well it can hang with my driver. I have tried to get it out of the bag but no luck. It defeats everyone.

3 Hybrid- Taylormade M1 2016 w/ Fujikura Pro

I was able to get this one for a song as well. It was heavily damaged. It has some huge paint chips on the crown. I love the performance. Its a candidate to get refinished.

4- PW- Bridgestone J15DPF w/ DG Pro

I had some really good Mizuno irons. They were preowned and had some serious use. I went to the PGA Tour Superstore to practice. When I walked past the clearance section I saw these. The PW was marked at $150 and I thought it was just a single club. I asked and they told me it was the price for the whole set. I obviously bought them right away.

Gap Wedge- Callaway Big Bertha 2002 w/ Uniflex Shaft

This club will probably always have a spot in the bag. My Father In Law passed away but before he did he gave me his set of clubs. I was hitting them too high but I did find this one effective. I stuck it close on the first shot then the next shot I hit with it I chipped in. From then on it hasnt been removed.

54 & 58 Degree- New Level M Series Wedge w/ KBS 610 Wedge

I was lucky enough to go to the PGA Show in Florida this year. I hit this and loved them. I got to speak with the founder and the story was great. The wedges feel great and had some awesome bite. Eric was abel to fit me over a few emails and its been awesome.

Putter- PING Cadence TR Ketsch

I was actually fit for this one a few years ago but never could convince the wife it was a good purchase. She said "you suck at putting why would it matter". Well jokes on her because now I have it and got a good deal on it!

Golf Ball- Srixon Z Star

Got these when they were $20 a dozen and they have changed my feelings on golf balls. I love everything about them. I am burning through some Callaways and will be making sure these get bought from now on.

Ball marker- Kick a** Clubs

My wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this year. She knows to buy me golf stuff but also knows not to buy clubs or balls. Accessories only! She really knocked it out of the park with this awesome ball marker. If you want a nice quality ball marker this is an awesome option

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