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I think I'm lacking rise in my left shoulder and therefore left arm connection, but I'd like to hear some other opinions<br />
<br />
https://www.youtube....IlICE1xgV5_KqQg<br />
<br />
Edit-cant get the video to embed


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    Awesome!<br />
    How do you that downswing squat? You must be a flexible young fella.<br />
    Everyone knows i know nothing but that doesn't stop me.<br />
    Are you looking to compare yourself to Hogan? (in a nice way i mean).<br />
    Into impact - one noticeable thing is your left hip not as far forward as Hogan , then your right leg stays bent for a long time, Hogan's right leg straightens out toward the target, also makes your spine angle more vertical than Hogan. Hogan's left side is bowed out whereas yours is actually concave.<br />
    If your left hip was more toward the target your posture would look a lot more like Hogan.<br />
    Methinks you must hit golf ball good.
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    Yeah the left side extension you're talking about is somewhere I think I'm really lacking, especially the left shoulder, left hip does move forward and up into impact, and is a little further forward than it appears I think, but the camera angle is awful. (Its tough to balance a phone in such strong winds!!) I think if my left shoulder moved more up it would pull a lot of the other stuff into place automatically. I also think some of that is because I had/have an intent to hit it really low due to the wind so everything stayed to low and in flexion through the ball<br />
    <br />
    I've always had a squat, picked it up from impersonating Tiger as a kid and playing tennis I think. I always have to monitor it doesn't get too low though. Currently it doesn't feel like a squat at all, I'm trying to stay as tall as I can.<br />
    <br />
    I think doing it properly comes from turning the hips deep, and then if anything trying to get them deeper as you start down (which also aids in keeping the arms in front/synch). Hips then get across automatically, there's some squat appearance, and then you can go as hard as you want because pivot point is established. Also you have to, because keeping hips deeper delays them firing so everything is a bit more closed<br />
    <br />
    I can hit it a lil bit. Just need to shake off the rust and the doubles and then should be shooting under par regularly

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