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  2. I am also looking forward to the Fli-4. I ordered, 5-GW in HM.....if not satisfied with HM's....can blend a set using 7-PW in the HMP....I have read some threads here with folks "blending" sets. I am thinking the lofts will interchange....
  3. How many of those have room for the throngs of fans, bleachers, hospitality tents, media trucks that come with a modern event?
  4. For sale - picked these up as a Covid project. Wanted to get these and strip the black for a raw finish. Not going to be able to finish the project. Clubs are playable as is. Some heads are somewhat more “raw” than others. Debadged for a cleaner look. Heads only, 4-PW, 7 clubs. Message me for if interested and I can text more pics. $450/obo.
  5. Either way and I’m in. Absolutely love the performance characteristics of the 4 models.
  6. It's just amazing that we have so many time travelers in this thread! Thanks for chiming in from 20 years in the future guys! Seriously, this thread is I-just-need-to-make-a-few-more-putts-then-I'll-be-down-to-a-4-handicap-and-for-sure-absolutely-be-able-to-beat-up-on-LPGA-tour-players levels of dumb.
  7. More important to focus on flexing the lead wrist somewhere between end of backswing to end of transition. See monte NTC as one example.
  8. It would definitely save us a little coin if these become performers
  9. Sorry those are the 270s and Timmy's are the infinity tour
  10. Are these fake? I was about to send them into Ping to tumble and reshaft but I can’t find a serial number. I’ll call Ping tomorrow but wanted to know what you guys thought.
  11. I've been playing Titleist T200 irons for most of the summer and before that I played p790 for the past couple of years. I snagged a set of used Ping g410 irons from my pro about a month ago. I have to say I am really impressed with these irons. They are very straight and easy to hit. Distance is similar to the other two irons. I'm clearly hitting more greens overall. The offset and Ping shape have not been an issue at all for me. They are bigger than the T200's but that hasn't been an issue for me. I especially like the short irons. If you haven't tried these, they are worth hitting.
  12. By the way the new site is so much better. I disagree completely with the OP. My only complaint is on mobile (brave and chrome) android, the font is too damn small, to which it seems I've heard no one else complain about, so is it just me?
  13. I had lost some considerable distance early this season and took some videos and saw some stuff that looked odd on camera, so decided to do an online lesson. It really helped and I gained back all of my older, longer distances and some, and added some depth in my backswing and got less steep. It only took a handful of range sessions and I was really happy with the results. Haven't struck my irons this well maybe ever. So I decided to do another online lesson from the same guy and he said the stuff he had me working on looked great, but noticed I had a pretty cupped left wrist at the top and he
  14. I have a bunch on V Line Cruiser and #1 models that I rotate in and out. I love them all.
  15. The first thing that occurs to me is that, on some level, you are focusing on the line way to much, and getting the speed wrong because of it. We all do that from time to time, and FAR more three putts come from getting the speed wrong. Pick your line and then a spot a little bit ahead of the ball to start that putt, and then trust your read, forget about the line, and ONLY focus on speed. But by focus, I mean just take a long look at the hole with the "quiet eye", and the make the stroke. Get rid of the mental chatter of "Don't leave this short!", or whatever. You don't say whether or no
  16. Of course DJ would no longer hit it 333. They would likely be fairly even or Zach even slightly longer. So you are convinced that means Zach would win? I am not. DJ is not the better player ONLY because of distance. No one has said, that I recall reading, that the distance gains are solely from speed and athleticism. Of course the equipment is a part of it. But the short hitters have always been at a disadvantage and they are still at about the same disadvantage they have always been. The bit about the old course being able to hold pro tournaments does not work either. Well, except
  17. Am I out of my mind for considering the Cleveland CBX2 sand (54) and lob (58)? Im a 10 handicap currently using older Nike VR Forged wedges. I have a fairly steep angle of attack and when it comes to full 110 yard sand wedge shots from the fairway I struggle with the thin sole on my Nike wedge. Tbh, I hit it terribly. Every review of the CBX2 talks about forgiveness and high handicappers, but Cleveland’s website advertises them for mid/low handicappers. I realize none of this should matter, and just okay what works for you, so with that - are there any mid/l
  18. Equal chance of parachute pants coming back.
  19. Agreed. This is something I would be willing to try.
  20. Must be stock specs with evenflow max carry 5.5 flex 45gram shaft in driver. Might entertain a 5 wood as well.
  21. This is a brand new towel that was given to my son, when he was the sign boy for VJ Singh during the Barclays Championship. New Condition - It has not even been unfolded.
  22. I use the red star an LOVE it. It has a slightly more pronounced pistol shape and is thicker than the pingman. The closest to it I've seen are the Cameron CNC, pistolini and the ping equivalent that was stock for a while. It's also a tad firmer than the pistolini but has the same texture. If you like any of those, give it a try.
  23. It depends on what the USGA does. If the rollback is global, there will be an a gradual implementation period and mandate for the big OEMs to stop making balls under the old spec just like what happened with the groove rollback. Eventually there will not be much of a choice since the demand for non-conforming has been historically low to non-existent.
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