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  1. Follow me on Instagram! Ask me any questions on my post there! Thx! Joe
  2. I’m in the mood grinding the old time favorite head shape for my 53*. A little rounder tear drop look! It’s like going back to your best ever girl friend
  3. JK wedge in action at Safeway open this week. Check out WITB picture of Shintaro Ban. As usuall, thanks to Greg's hard work on taking those pictures. IMG_5573.mov
  4. Get yourself a launch monitor data and i have feeling you need a good swing instructor to guide you correctly! Joe
  5. Latest work! Going to Spokane, Washington!
  6. Edited for answers! Again, i need a complete answer on the questionnaire to be able to help you guys better! Joe
  7. I have 5 different heads lofts, shape, and all heavy heads specifically for custom grind to serve almost any final specs you guys like from 49-61 degree. So, I can pretty much almost do any grind too. "Almost" means here is in case anyone going to the extreme.
  8. Blunt - small beveled - bigger beveled - all the way to similar with V grind or even T grind .....Not Problem!
  9. More to see:https://www.instagram.com/p/B-K7cSNlgcX/?igshid=1t8kza23y0w15
  10. Sorry, never tried nor worked on one yet, Thump is my favorite, MMT and OT followed close behind!
  11. Thx, I appreciate your support! I just don't have the same energy like i used to when it come to posting! ??
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